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NBC posted these interviews with Justin Bruening, Tiki Barber and Michael O'hearn for this weeks episode Fight Knight. Check them out - warning: minor spoilers!

Part two of Justin's Interview as well as Tiki's and Michael's after the jump.

We're busy discussing away last nights episode Exit Light, Enter Knight, feel free to join in! Also be sure to take our poll on how you thought the episode was.

Above you can see the new opening that aired last night! The footage now includes some of the KARR battle as well as ads Smith Cho to the full time cast. In previous episodes she was labeled always as a guest star.

Some good news to note as well. In an NBC release that a few sites have picked up on (appscout and mediapost), Knight Rider was the number 4 most watched show on!

You can watch the entire episode below courtesy of

Tonight's episode Exit Light, Enter Knight is the first post "reboot" episode. The SSC is gone, so too are Graimen, Tores and Rivai. Left in the rubble, Michael, Sarah, Zoey, Billy and KITT are looking to re-establish the foundation and helping those who can't be helped against those who operate above the law.

BAIT AND SWITCH--Mike jumps into the thick of a bank heist and tries to stop it, but instead becomes one of the robbers' hostages. Oddly, the robbers do not seem interested in the bank's money. Apparently, they have a specific plan that includes the safe deposit boxes and the husband of one of their hostages. Unable to communication with KITT and his team, Mike tries to enlist the help of the other hostages to stop the robbers from escaping. Unfortunately, one of the so-called hostages is one of the robbers, which makes Mike's job even more difficult.

Now that the reboot is complete, tonight will be the perfect time for you to tell everyone you know to watch. The team has a fresh start and we're told the episodes are closer to the ones we're used to of Knight Rider past. Tonight's episode is written and directed by showrunner Gary Scott Thompson.

Be sure to participate in our forum thread or in the chat room. And check out our coverage that our own Sue has been posting from her visit to set - lots of interesting stuff certainly!

kitt meets karr

The NBC Knight Rider blogs were updated again this week with information about the latest episode "Knight to King's Pawn" where we saw the much talked about rematch of KITT vs KARR.

On the Knight Writer's blog, writer Eric Buchman fills in for the real writers of the episode:

It was written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman. You may also know their work from Friday Night Lights. They're two very busy, ultra-talented guys who somehow found the time to work on both shows at roughly the same time -- which is why I'm filling in for them tonight, as they're off working on yet another project.

Tonight's episode hopefully answered a few questions for you: what Mike had "forgotten" in Iraq and why, what has Torres been secretly up to, and even what happened to one of the trademarks of the original series (FLAG). For those of you who are new to the Knight Rider universe, The Foundation for Law and Government is the organization that operated the original KITT in the 80s series.

On Billy's blog (poor Billy, he's had to deal with the death of two of his colleagues and the retirement of another) he talks about the changes going on at work. Many fans will be happy to hear that they're getting FLAG back together:

A week ago, I worked at a company with hundreds of employees, a massive government contract, and the combined resources of the FBI, CIA, and even NASA at our disposal. Today I work with three other people. That's it. No government contract. No unlimited resources. They say it only takes one man to make a difference... I hope they're right, whoever they are, because that's pretty much what we are now. But you know what? I think we can totally do it.

If you all were in the chat last night, the folks at MasterKey mentioned that the epic battle between KARR and KITT was shortened because of the budget cuts that NBC bestowed upon the Knight Rider production.

They've put it up on YouTube for everyone to see. Here now is the full length of what it was originally conceived to be.


We've been talking about this for weeks but the episode is finally here! Last week we saw the unfortunate death of Dr. Charles Graimen and the retirement of Carrie Rivai - that leaves only Alex Torres to run the Knight Research division.

Tonight's episode, Knight to King's Pawn features the return of KARR looking to mess up KITT.

TIME TO FIGHT BACK--Sarah is not coping well with her father's death and decides to leave town. Concerned, Mike goes looking for her and in return gets the answers he has been searching for about his past. Meanwhile, the NSA has decided to dismantle the SSC now that Dr. Graiman is dead and they can then move forward with KITT's nemesis KARR. With Torres' permission they take out KITT's chip that contains his personality and memories and place it in KARR. Upset by what has happened, Mike, Sarah, Billy and Zoe devise a plan to find where KITT has been taken and get him up and running and destroy the evil KARR once and for all.

Tell everyone you know that this is the time to watch! Don't forget that tonight is the LIVE chat with the team at MasterKey about their video effects for tonights episode!

Episode Guide

NBC just released this extended clip with KARR from tonight's episode Knight to King's Pawn. Peter Cullen still sends chills down our spine as the voice of KARR.

Also remember that tonight we will be having a live video one way chat with the kind folks at MasterKey Films. We will be doing it twice at 8pm, once at 8pm EST and again at 8pm PST.

Be sure to check it out at our enhanced event website at

Thanks to the Mustang Source, we've come across these amazing images of KITT on the backlot at the studios. We're told that this is post his battle with KARR.

One of the major complaints with the series was that KITT himself never saw much damage. Hopefully these images will help fight that back. Remember, this episode airs TOMORROW January 21st!

Wow, did this weekend get interesting in a hurry! We were just browsing around MaterKey Film's website, and one thing led to another and we came across a video that we haven't seen before. Contained within is this amazing footage you see above of KARR in this weeks episode Knight to King's Pawn.

There are some pretty nice shots/spoilers contained within. KARR rolling towards what we assume is KITT, Torres locked in KARRs deadly grip and an amazing pan of KARR standing above a fallen soldier with complete mayhem behind him. This is going to be one heck of an episode based on these amazing visuals.

Check it all out here

We here at Knight Rider Online are thrilled to reveal a treat for all Knight Rider fans! During next weeks episode Knight to Kings Pawn the fine folks at MasterKey Films will be available via Kyte Video chat.

This will be a moderated chat with Q&A from the viewers during the commercial breaks. We will be doing it twice. Once at 8pm EST for the East Coast Feed and again at 8pm PST for the West Coast Feed.

Please take the above widget (click on "get & share" and put the embed code where ever you can! Facebook, Myspace, your personal websites. Get the word out that Knight Rider is coming out swinging next week - and these guys will be a huge treat to all those curious how KARR returns.


We're busy discussing last nights episode in our forums, feel free to join in! Also be sure to rate the episode on our poll at the episode guide page for last night.

But beyond that - lets look to next week and the return of KARR in Knight to King's Pawn! We still don't know if this is the same KARR from the original series, but that's not holding us back from being really psyched about next week. The teaser above should help you think the same - it looks like a battle of epic proportions. And Peter Cullen as KARR again gives us chills!

Also, we're going to be announcing very shortly a video chat with the VFX guys at MasterKey the night of the episode - so check back for more on that!

The official NBC blogs saw updates this week in wake of the latest episode.

From the Knight Writers on Day Turns Into Knight:

The opening sequence with "Speeded Kitt" our stunt unit shot over two days on a freeway we shut down in Long Beach, and I think it's some of the best practical stunt work we've seen on this show yet. We didn't actually land a plane on a highway (land a what on a what?! you'll see) but we didn't have to, because our VFX team came up huge in a timeframe that is basically asking the impossible. All of our actors turned in stellar performances (for further examples see Smith hold her own with Richard Roundtree; John Briddell as the stern yet caring 'Dr. Yost'; and Rick Hoffman being, well, Rick Hoffman) but especially the ones we were saying goodbye to, which made their departures all that much more difficult.

Isn't there some old saying, about how the things in life that are the most difficult end up being the most rewarding? I'd say that sums up this episode for me. Made me proud to be part of this show, to see what it's capable of. And I think you'll understand what I mean when you watch it.

It's worth heading over to Knight Writers and checking the rest out!

On the fictional Billy's Notes from the Underground, Billy morns the loss of his dear friend and colleague.

I've been working for Dr. G for quite some time at Knight Industries, in their research division. Thanks to him though, we did far more than just research. Under Dr. G's guidance, we worked around the clock to preserve the balance between good and evil in this world. We made a difference.

There's still so much I can't say about our work, but I'm finally revealing this much because you all deserve to know what a great man he was. And because I worry about what will now happen to our projects and our mission. I worry that without Dr. G, the balance will shift in the wrong direction. That something truly terrible will be unleashed and no one will be there to stop it.

Don't miss the conclusion of last weeks exciting episode! Will Mike be able to keep KITT above 100 mph until they can stop the bomb? Will Carrie survive the blast at the sugar factory? And who will die tonight? The above teaser hints at it being either Charles, Zoe, Alex or Sarah. We do hear that this is the last episode for two characters - so watch out - no one is safe!

Tonights episode, Day Turns Into Knight, guest stars Richard Roundtree (as Carrie's father) and Rick Hoffman (as the big bad) and is written by David Andron who wrote the original Pilot and Hard Day's Knight

MIKE AND KITT CONTINUE ON THEIR QUEST TO STOP A TERRORIST FROM DETONATING A NUCLEAR WEAPON AND KILLING THE AMBASSADOR--Mike and KITT are now transporting a bomb in the trunk of the car, but in order for it not to explode they must stay above 100 miles-per-hour. Trying to come up with a plan to disable the bomb, they load KITT onto the plane to buy some time and keep up their speed. Clinging to life, Rivai manages to give a clue to find where the terrorist is hiding. Meanwhile, Sarah receives some upsetting news about her dad.

Tell everyone you know that this is the time to watch! Better teaser at Day Turns Into Knight episode page (with KARR snippet!)


Last week the Consumer Electronics Show (or CES) took place in Vegas. Mio, the company responsible for the Knight Rider GPS had a booth set up complete with a complete KITT replica sporting a Mio/Navtones GPS unit on the dash. Very cool high visibility display for sure!

If you already have one of these GPS units (which we've reviewed previously) and are looking for alternates on mount options - check out Arkon. All their Moov 300 mounts are compatible with the Knight Rider GPS and are very well made.

NBC has just posted this really interesting look behind the scenes at the green screen process of KARR. In the clip 2nd Unit Director Ty Trullinger talks about the process in which they will shoot Yancey Arias on green screen and insert him interacting with (and even jacked into) KARR.

It's really interesting to see this footage which expands upon some of what we have shown you from our tour. It's quite obvious that the cast and crew are really giving 100% to these episodes, and we can't wait to see how they turn out.

[first spoted by gotigers1 - thanks!]

We're busy discussing away last nights episode Don't Stop The Knight, feel free to join in! Also be sure to take our poll on how you thought the episode was. We thought the last couple of episodes (Knight Fever included) are really making for a strong series, and alot of the people in the forum seem to agree! And what a cliff hanger too, this looks like it's going to be a crazy storyline!

Did you see the new kick ass opening credits? We hear it's going to keep changing over the next four episodes as various plot points are revealed. Check it out above and enjoy! You can watch the entire episode below courtesy of


Rob Wright, screenwriter for Knight of the Iguana and now Don't Stop The Knight, continues the weekly tradition of the Knight Writer's blog. Each week, the screenwriter from the episode gives their take and a look behind the scenes. They always have something interesting to say and tonight is no different.

The prison break sequence is noteworthy 'cause this is where we wound up wounding Attack Kitt. Not permanently, of course. For the landing shot in the yard we set up a ramp so we could have Kitt jump over the camera. When the time came, the director called "action!" and Kitt made the jump... it was sweet but when he touched down, he cracked his front end something bad. Thank god for nanotechnology (and our team in Transportation, who fixed him up fast)!

Read the rest of it at the Knight Writers blog.

We've been mentioning it for weeks, but it's finally upon us. Tonight's episode begins the three episode arch that will change the face of this Knight Rider series forever. We will say goodbye to characters, government operations and it all leads up to an epic battle with KARR on January 21st.

Tonight's episode entitled "Don't Stop The Knight" kicks off the reboot, and guest stars Vanessa Williams!

MIKE AND KITT TRY TO RESCUE A KIDNAPPED FOREIGN AMBASSADOR FROM A TERRORIST IN TIME FOR PEACE TALKS--Mike (Justin Bruening) and KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer) are sent on an endless string of mini-missions by a crazy terrorist in exchange to keep Ambassador Olara Kumali (guest star Vanessa Williams) alive, but they soon realize that they are part of a bigger plan. Trying to outsmart the terrorist, Rivai (Sydney Tamiia Poitier) and a team of FBI agents find themselves in an explosive situation. Meanwhile, Sarah (Deanna Russo) and Dr. Graiman (Bruce Davison) try to fix a sick robot.

Tell everyone you know that this is the time to watch!

If you only hit the news page and skip the main page when you come in, check out the homepage at We've added a nice little tribute to the upcoming battle to help raise awareness.

Special thanks to the good folks that provided the art, our thanks is endless!

It looks like the promotion for the reboot of Knight Rider has started to kick itself into high gear. Readers reported seeing a new Knight Rider teaser air several times during NFL Playoff football today and our own Michael Pajaro was able to catch it.

We aren't quite sure what we are seeing in the beginning, what do you think it is? Looking forward to more as its revealed.

[Thanks to djshag69 for the original alert!]


All the Knight Rider fans across the globe wish to extend our sincerest warm wishes to Glen A. Larson as he turns 72 years old today. Mr. Larson not only is the creator of Knight Rider but many other countless shows such "The Fall Guy", "Battlestar: Galactica" and "Buck Rogers In the 25th Century", "Nightman" and more.

Mr. Larson is currently working to bring a motion picture version of Knight Rider to the big screen which is believed to be in the final portion of the screenwriting stage. He is scheduled to appear at the Knight Festival in Las Vegas this March.

Check out our earlier interview from this year at the Knight Rider Event at Saugus Raceway.

NBC has released the official description for episode 13 entitled I Love the Knight Life set to air on January 28, 2009. Since it contains minor spoilers, we have placed it on it's episode guide page. (hints at the return of FLAG!)

The official NBC blogs saw updates this week in wake of the latest episode.

From the Knight Writers on Knight Fever:

Easily the most frustrating episode of the season. Originally, "Knight Fever" was conceived and shot as the 2nd episode of the season for us (to air back in early October). The idea was to have Kitt contract a tech-eating virus (think Ebola for machines) and nearly die. Well, that's what we shot and planned to put on screen - the special effects were another matter entirely. Turns out it's harder to make a virus look cool on screen than we ever expected. Two special effects teams and seven months later, we sort of realized that less is more. The virus you see now is the result.

It's worth heading over to Knight Writers and read the rest of the story on how episode two became episode nine.

On the fictional Billy's Notes from the Underground, Billy gets into the real reason he's been so quiet as of late, themed after this weeks episode.

Anyways, I got A LOT of work to do this week. We almost lost every system we have running. Be thankful that when things get ugly in your workplace, your boss doesn't have a self-destruct button at his or her disposal. (I'm assuming you don't work on a nuclear-powered submarine, a starship, or in a secret underground lair full of super-classified technology)

Check out this pretty thrilling teaser for next years episodes that aired after last nights episode. The next batch of episodes are shaping up to be great, and look there is KARR!

Let us know what you thought of last nights episode in our discussion thread! The reaction seems very positive and we hope that even though it was New Years Eve (when many people are out) that the ratings stood up to the challenge!

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