For Every Hero, A Nemesis

It looks like the promotion for the reboot of Knight Rider has started to kick itself into high gear. Readers reported seeing a new Knight Rider teaser air several times during NFL Playoff football today and our own Michael Pajaro was able to catch it.

We aren't quite sure what we are seeing in the beginning, what do you think it is? Looking forward to more as its revealed.

[Thanks to djshag69 for the original alert!]

  • Ricky

    the first set of scanner lights must be KARR's. if in fact he the same car as KITT those different scanners may be the only way to tell them apart, besides their voices.

    reminds me of the racing strips on the original KARR compared to KITT

  • sonar

    I think, that it is scanner KARR.

  • Matt

    I wonder what that Red thing was at the beginning of the teaser........Was its KARR scanner? Didnt look like KITTS

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