Images of KITT post KARR battle


Thanks to the Mustang Source, we've come across these amazing images of KITT on the backlot at the studios. We're told that this is post his battle with KARR.

One of the major complaints with the series was that KITT himself never saw much damage. Hopefully these images will help fight that back. Remember, this episode airs TOMORROW January 21st!

5_911199.jpg 4_476346.jpg 3_882689.jpg 2_311493.jpg 1_26005.jpg

  • skikkie94

    OMG He's completely destroyed!!! Man, what a battle!!!

  • mike

    That's funny but seriously... it could be the damaged KARR after their battle. KI3T has to beat him somehow...

  • KR watcher

    Well, apparently KITT gets the snot beat out of him. At least they don't make him invincible against his arch nemesis!

  • Lee Iaccoca

    Because due to budget cuts KARR ended up being a 72 Pinto

  • mike

    How do we know this isn't KARR?

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