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Is the man behind some of the world's best known primetime shows. His highly succesful productions include “Knight Rider”, “The Fall Guy”, “Battlestar: Galactica” and “Buck Rogers In the 25th Century” and more recently “Nightman”.

The hallmarks of Larson's style is Family entertainment. Always humorous with the tongue firmly in cheek, his shows are textbook examples of the genre for any would-be primetime producer: simple, effective storylines; likeable, charismatic lead characters, combined with very little violence, no bad language and well-crafted “motif”-laced soundtracks.

People like Larson's shows because they are fun and relaxing and a wonderful escape from the real world. It is worth considering that this man was almost soley responsible for the all major TV Hits of the 80's! Since the “Golden Age” of Glen A. Larson he has been quiet on the production front with no big successes since “Knight Rider” and “Magnum, PI.”

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