TONIGHT: Knight to King's Pawn - KARR RETURNS

We've been talking about this for weeks but the episode is finally here! Last week we saw the unfortunate death of Dr. Charles Graimen and the retirement of Carrie Rivai - that leaves only Alex Torres to run the Knight Research division.

Tonight's episode, Knight to King's Pawn features the return of KARR looking to mess up KITT.

TIME TO FIGHT BACK--Sarah is not coping well with her father's death and decides to leave town. Concerned, Mike goes looking for her and in return gets the answers he has been searching for about his past. Meanwhile, the NSA has decided to dismantle the SSC now that Dr. Graiman is dead and they can then move forward with KITT's nemesis KARR. With Torres' permission they take out KITT's chip that contains his personality and memories and place it in KARR. Upset by what has happened, Mike, Sarah, Billy and Zoe devise a plan to find where KITT has been taken and get him up and running and destroy the evil KARR once and for all.

Tell everyone you know that this is the time to watch! Don't forget that tonight is the LIVE chat with the team at MasterKey about their video effects for tonights episode!

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    Good episode. I wish people would stop wishing for the old days. The time is now. The show has to be different.

    Like Star Trek and TNG, there are references to the old, but one has to focus on the here and now.

    Without more support, the show will be doomed to one season.

    I myslef liked TKR, and that was cancelled. I like this, and hope it will not see the same fate.

    Someone has to come up with something, perhaps sending the president of NBC "Knight" chess pieces to show our support.

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