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KITT to make big screen cameo with the Hoff in 2015
Last month, WWE Studios (yes, the wrestling folks) announced production of a movie starring Ken......

David Hasselhoff and KITT in new Samsung Smart Home ad
KITT and Michael are back together! But their relationship seems to be in trouble... Samsung......

Knight Rider movie rumor heats up again with Chris Pratt & Danny McBride
Not a year has gone by in our nearly twenty years of online without......

KITT Bytes: Comics, Toys, Music and More
Our latest KITT Bytes - bite sized Knight Rider News: Lion Forge released the......

KnightCon Star Cars & Heroes this Saturday in Castleford UK
If you are near Castleford UK this Saturday, September 7th - be sure to......


Re: Knight 2000 SPM Matsushiro 1987 reverse fault?
Anyone?Just got hold of. The problem is, its not a

Re: Marco / KittSuperCar a Recaster? You decide....
For MORE pictures and proof.... See other thread below... ...

Re: SOUTHERN KNIGHTS ATLANTA Don Peake Exclusive Announcemen
Actually I've just watched the Knight Moves episode and it

Re: Marco / KittSuperCar a Recaster? You decide....
3d model... full of lines... finish model curvy & sexy!Let's

Re: SOUTHERN KNIGHTS ATLANTA Don Peake Exclusive Announcemen
Just ordered my Vol. 5. Can't wait to get

Re: Marco / KittSuperCar a Recaster? You decide....
Marco's Final... no lower horizontal lip... oh look, tapers and

Re: When Will The Hot Wheels Super Elite 1/18 Kitt Be Releas
I have my preorder with these guys: ... e=HW-BCK00They usually

Re: SOUTHERN KNIGHTS ATLANTA Don Peake Exclusive Announcemen
Vol. 5 is available on Perseverance Records. Just ordered mine

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