More of KARR leaked for this weeks epic battle!

Wow, did this weekend get interesting in a hurry! We were just browsing around MaterKey Film's website, and one thing led to another and we came across a video that we haven't seen before. Contained within is this amazing footage you see above of KARR in this weeks episode Knight to King's Pawn.

There are some pretty nice shots/spoilers contained within. KARR rolling towards what we assume is KITT, Torres locked in KARRs deadly grip and an amazing pan of KARR standing above a fallen soldier with complete mayhem behind him. This is going to be one heck of an episode based on these amazing visuals.

Check it all out here

  • kevin

    knight rider rocks

  • Aaks

    knight rider is by far the dumbest show i have seen so far.

  • Darren

    Hi all as a knight rider fan i agree wih everything thats been said, i also agree it would of been great if the 1st and 2nd kitt worked together and hasslehoff come in to another episode or 2. And as for karr i have to agree that it was over the top why not use another mustang and have a battle like in the 1st series. i also wish they would take more out of the original series like driving kitt in to the van its such a small thing but such a iconic moment. But anyway i love the new one not as much as the old versions but we got to remember that the new one is a continuation of the old one and nothing is ever better than the 1st but i still want a second season please please make one. Thanks for reading :)

    Darren from london england

  • anthony

    hi knight rider fans young and old........i know im a bit late but just watched the first series of the 08 show........lots and lots of points i agree with all the fans.....liking what there doing with the show...but i think the main points people are 1- david hasselhoff and the two thousand kitt need to be in the show....the show is at the stage where flag is adrift....micheal knight needs to be devon miles now and mike tracurs father.....2-because of the world credit crunch car makers need to pull there head out of there arse and stop this bullshit product placement yes the three thousand kitt is a ford yes the two thousand kitt is a gm but does that really matter in the world were living in right now......the old kitt needs to be a mentor to the new one.......i mean he was there in charles graimen garage parked next to the new one in the pilot episode......they could have had mike tracur go and resurect him and help him rescue kitt form area 51......he could gone and found his dad for help etc etc for k.a.r.r remember when he was destryoed in the old series and at the end you saw his cpu flashing and blinking leaving a question mark to his existance???.....they could have used that to tell the story of k.a.r.r....why arn't they using old footage??why doesn't mike tracur and the new kitt speak of micheal knight or the old kitt???i think its the same old thing again where nobody at nbc has asked the main people....US THE FANS....come on david get off your arse now your not doing americas got talent and get back where you belong.......william daniels you will always be k.i.t.ts voice my friend...hope the bigwigs at nbc hear our voices and aproach you both and get you both in this new needs you both right now...........NBC why dont you let the fans submit storylines people who live and breathe knight rider can help.....remember the fans can make a difference............long live KR

    an english guy remembering a favourite part of his childhood
    thank you for reading

  • Knight-Rider--

    im confussed.
    ok yeah KITT's a shelby mustang gt500kr my fav car BUT i get told that KARR is a mustang, then hes a camaro the hes some othe chevy i need help im confussed and wtf is with transforming dude seriously the old karr being exactly identical trans-am was beast but now i dunno. someone help im confussed

    if anyone has PS3 add me please Knight-Rider--

  • yellowman600

    Hi. I Heard of knight rider and think its cool. but im sad because it hasnt been on TV for 6 months. i wish i couls just see 1 more epesode. wait a minute! i can! :). its ok. at least all of the other fans can see it. thats good. I still like K.I.T.T. even thogh he's not my favorite car, I still like him. i still see lots of other stuff. even everyone else can. well, see ya.



    P.S. Knight rider is awesome

  • Casperuk


    i know this is like 3 months late but for godsake man, KARR was voiced by Peter Cullen in the 80's show and reprise's his role in the 08 show.

    THAT is why he sounds like Optimus Prime. Cos it is Prime's voice!!!!!!

    Now go sit in a cornor and stop your bitching

  • john

    sorry but old programes from the past dont work in 2000s.

    stop keep reinventing old classics and turning them into a joke.

    make new programes and new ideas. same with music these days just no new ideas thats why i buy dvds so i dont have to watch the 2000s crap. im a fan of knight rider but the orginal and always best version.

    please dont bring back anymore eg a team. as most 80s classics are now ruined with crappy cgi and no real storylines like the orginals.

    my rant over

  • Jeremy1973

    Retarded, turning KARR into a Transformer? Are they kidding me?, Really? He even sounds Like Transformer Optimus Prime, Ok first the new KR trashes KITT and leaves him in peices and replaces him with a Ford mustang/Rice rocket hybrid, now they change KARR into a Mustang that transforms into an evil Optimus Prime??? you've gotta be fucking kidding me! And I thought TKR sucked, way to go Ford and Universal, you keep finding ways to totally Destroy KITT and alienate all the old KR fans and you haven't gained new fans to outnumber us old fans. You idiots thought you could alienate all of us old KR fans and that the new KR series could somehow out perform the old KR and gain a new younger generation of fans to replace us, well It didn't work and you pissed off your main KR fan base, so now your show is as ridiculous as your Transformer KARR. is it really any wonder why the new KR is tanking??? Here's some advice, Have a fully intact Original KITT do a cameo in the New KR with the Hoff driving away as the camera zooms in on the new KITT and you see old KITT's tailights in the distance, Kind of a passing of the torch thing instead of a destruction of the original KITT. You may woo all the old fans back enough for the show to do well. And don't turn the show into a Transformers rip off/Ford comercial. geeze! and fire the person who had the Idea to turn KARR into a Transformer A.S.A.P.!

  • Well, it is a GT500KR which is just a modified GT500. But this new series is just awesome. I haven't seen the original actually but I can't get enough of this new series.

  • Charles Roberts

    I Better Get A Nice Note From You Alden!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Roberts

    Hey Alden, Do You Know You Were Talking About A

    8 Year Old Kid. Now You Better Say Your Sorry Or

    I`ll Still Be Sad. Never Wright Something Like

    That Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Roberts

    Hey Alden, Do You Know You Were Talking About A

    8 Year Old Kid. Now You Better Say Your Sorry Or

    I`ll Still Be Sad. Never Wright Something Like

    That Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Roberts

    Hey Alden, Do You Know You Were Talking About A

    8 Year Old Kid. Now You Better Say Your Sorry Or

    I`ll Still Be Sad. Never Wright Something Like

    That Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alden

    charles roberts is a retard KITT is a shelby mustang gt500 kr if its really your favorite car you might want to know what model it is

  • Fan1

    I'm an original Knight Rider fan. I just watch the new show for the CGIs and mostly for Deanna Russo. She is hottt.

  • Charles Roberts

    I Think Knight To Kings Pawn Was The Most Awesome Movie I Have Ever Watched!! It Was So Cool When KITT Went Through KARRS, Body! KITT Was Damaged After That. And KITT Is The 2009 Ford Mustang Shelby Gt500. My Favorite Car!!! Its Still Cool KITT Has The Old Moves. My Favorite Upgrade On KITT Is Turbo Boost!! I Like Watching The Videos On Line. Knight Rider ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Charles Roberts Age8 PA Elco

  • steve gabb

    i loved the last knight rider with KARR in it. it was good to see some off theold moves like ski mode. the new knight rider has got a lot better looking forwould to see this weeks one.

  • Arunprithivi249

    yeah man it is a mustang gt 500. better t lokking for befor knight rider

  • mags

    the CGI is waaaaaay too much in this show.... seriously... the OG Knight Rider was real to the naked eye... no computer graphics... all just good TV... this is just a PURE AND UTTER CGI FEST! there is nothing personal about this new Knight Rider...

    And this is from someone who has been defending the show since the start...

    I know they have taken out 3 of the main characters (much needed) but still i think it needs something more...

    KARR was never transformer... and seriously... if this is a continuation of the original series... they decided to call it KARR and it has the yellow lights AND ITS EVIL AGAIN?????? or is this the original KARR and someone found it and developed it??? i will watch it... but im really finding this insulting to the true KR fans...

    PS: I love the Mustang... just no more turning in to every ford that you want to promote.... thats just rude!

  • mark

    what a load of rubbish, im sorry i liked this show but now they having it knight rider meets transformers,sorry this sucks, karr was never a transformer

    worst idea ever

  • It would be unfair to rush to judgement until you have seen the episode. Once you do I think you'll be surprised.

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