Mio Knight Rider GPS has voice of KITT Inside

When we were first contacted by Mio about their Knight Rider device, we couldn't wait till the day that we could finally tell you. An officially licensed GPS unit with the original voice of KITT behind it, how could you lose?

Thankfully, you can't! We have been very fortunate to get this exclusive extensive look at the Mio Knight Rider GPS. No longer will you have a boring list of computerized voices telling you directions on your GPS - now you can have KITT himself!

It's the first time since the TV Movie Knight Rider 2000 - has William Daniels been involved in anything officially Knight Rider. In fact it had been rumored for quite some time that Daniels wanted nothing to do with the series. We are thrilled that this was not the case, and now we have this device here, complete with newly recorded dialog by Mr. Daniels (this isn't reused TV clipings, it's 100% original recordings!)

One of the great unique features with this concept, is that KITT will address the driver by their first name. Simply set your name from the pre-recorded list of hundreds, and off you go. You can be Michael if you want to be a purist, but if your name is Aaron, Joe or David, you can have that personalized experience. (Unfortunately Devon, Bonnie, Wilton are missing from the list, but Mio hopes to address this error)

They've also taken several design cues from the Knight 2000. The device has dual nose type designs on the left and right, complete with a red type of scanner insert. However, the actual use of this scanners LEDs is to be KITTs voice box. It's a pretty neat effect, and initially we were bummed that it wasn't more accurate to the voice box to the series, but in the end the effect still felt the same.

The device is going to be for Canada and the US, however additional maps are available for purchase (for our global fans) via Mio's website for their other devices, so we imagine this unit would be the same.

We must admit it was pretty enjoyable driving around with KITT, that we kept getting lost on purpose, just so we could hear him make more announcements. Which was probably the only annoyance - we wish KITT would talk more. Have KITT nag me when I get lost, have him keep his scanners peeled and determine the best course to our destination - keep him vocal, keep him fun. Michael always told KITT to shadup, we love to be at the place to do that too.

MSRP is about $270, and we expect the final product to be released in the fall. Check out KITTRules for more information.

1_IMG_5337.jpg 2_IMG_5338.jpg 3_IMG_5343.jpg 4_IMG_5348.jpg 5_IMG_5353.jpg 6_IMG_5355.jpg 7_IMG_5333.jpg 8_IMG_5365.jpg 9_IMG_5367.jpg 10_IMG_5368.jpg 11_IMG_5369.jpg 12_IMG_5267.jpg 13_IMG_5360.jpg 14_IMG_5362.jpg 15_IMG_5364.jpg
  • Garygnu100

    Anyone interested in selling their MIO Knight Rider GPS? I am looking for one in good to mint condition. No cables, mounts or box needed. Just the GPS. Mine was stolen. Email me at: Garygnu100@gmail.com. THank you

  • Replodiphoenix

    I have this GPS, sometimes the directions are odd.. like if i'm in camden nj it will take me over to PA to go 5 miles down the street in NJ. Replacement bases for it are very hard to find..

  • cory44

    can someone e-mail me the site to update this thing thanks. it dosent know alot of the roads i travel on please someone help me with this its annoying.

  • KS

    i have the same problem. we are just trapped with this faulty product. customer service is pretty hard to reach.

  • Gerrie

    customer service is horrible. we have KR and my husband loves it. But everytime we try to do a upload of streets we loose something and have to call CS and can't get anywhere with them. It takes hours to work with them; they're only available M thru F during regular work hours. I'm trying to find out what model KR; does anyone know? Please email me directly at squareandcirculate@juno.com with any help you can give me because I can't get to these comments very often. Thanks a lot.

  • Diana

    I haven't used my Night Rider GPS much but the other day I plugged it in and can't get any power - it's just dead - does anyone know is there a reset button on it or is there any place that repairs them??

  • Danielle

    This is the same thing that happened to mine. I even bought a new charger thinking that was the problem and it still did not work. Did you find out anything.

  • Daniel

    Yea Surely with todays Technology , we can get a full interactive Version with the right pitch and extra Talking , Shouldnt be hard at all, just all knight rider Fans need to band together and tell MIO to get Started on it !!! Its in High Demand !!

  • brianthelawman

    I got one of these GPS's from Radio Shack for $79.00 plus tax, before I researched the capability of it. I am disappointed it has no voice input like my Built-in Jeep GSP or the Navigon I still have. I will keep it as a curiosity, but will not use it in the real world unless I program in all the addresses I wish to go to and can just touch a few icons before I move off. Bluetooth is becoming a necessity these days with the laws changing to prevent driving while yakking on a cell phone.

  • mark

    where can i buy one of these at....

  • Caroline

    does not hold a charge for any more than an hour... also have had trouble with the charger .... have had charger replaced once and yet it still only charges when it wants to... therefore disappointed in the reliability of the product.Ca

  • Danielle

    Did you get any results with customer service? I am having the same problem.

  • Stephen


  • Stephen Brighton

    Ive been asking that too. Emailed MIO asking with the revived interest in Knightrider 2008 currently being air by SKY, was wondering whether they had any plans to release the product in Europe - but still havent had a reply


    Band wagon or not, i'd buy it

  • Stephen Brighton

    Ive been asking that too. Emailed MIO asking with the revived interest in Knightrider 2008 currently being air by SKY, was wondering whether they had any plans to release the product in Europe - but still havent had a reply


    Band wagon or not, i'd buy it

  • John


    Here in europe it is not out (yet) is there anyway I can get the voice file? Anyone>?


  • Jake

    Here are the names you can choose from for K.I.T.T.'s personalized voice greeting:

    A: Aaron, Abbie, Abigail, Adam, Aidan, Alex, Alexander, Alexandra, Alfie, Alice, Alicia, Alisha, Allison, Amanda, Amber, Amelia, Amelie, Amy, Andrea, Andrew, Angela, Anna, Anthony, Antonio, April, Archie, Ashton, Ava

    B: Bailey, Barbara, Ben, Benjamin, Bethany, Billy, Bobby, Bradley, Brandon, Brandy, Brenda, Brent, Brett, Brian, Brooke

    C: Caitlin, Callum, Carl, Carlos, Carrie, Catherine, Chad, Charles, Charlie, Charlotte, Cheryl, Chloe, Christina, Christine, Christopher, Christy, Connor, Corinne, Cory, Courtney, Craig, Crystal, Curtis, Cynthia

    D: Daisy, Dana, Daniel, Danielle, Danny, David, Dawn, Deborah, Demi, Denise, Dennis, Derek, Diana, Dominic, Don, Donna, Douglas, Dylan

    E: Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ella, Ellie, Elliot, Ellis, Eloise, Emily, Emma, Eric, Erica, Erin, Ethan, Eva, Evan, Eve, Evie, Ewan

    F: Faith, Finlay, Finley, Francesca, Frank, Freddie, Frederick, Freya

    G: Gabriel, Gary, George, Georgia, Gina, Grace, Gracie, Gregory

    H: Hannah, Harley, Harold, Harriet, Harrison, Harry, Harvey, Hayden, Heather, Henry, Holly

    I: Imogen, Isaac, Isabella, Isabelle, Isla, Isobel

    J: Jack, Jacob, Jacqueline, Jake, James, Jamie, Jasmine, Jason, Jay, Jayden, Jeffrey, Jennifer, Jeremy, Jerry, Jesse, Jessica, Jill, Jimmy, Joanne, Jocelyn, Joe, Joel, John, Jonathan, Johnny, Jose, Joseph, Joshua, Juan, Julie, Justin

    K: Kai, Karen, Kathleen, Katie, Keira, Keith, Kelly, Ken, Kenneth, Kevin, Kian, Kieran, Kim, Kimberly, Kristin, Kyle

    L: Larry, Laura, Lauren, Layla, Leah, Leo, Leon, Leslie, Liam, Libby, Lilly, Linda, Lisa, Logan, Lola, Lori, Louie, Louis, Luca, Lucas, Lucy, Luke, Lydia

    M: Madeleine, Madison, Maisie, Marcus, Maria, Marina, Mark, Martha, Mary, Mason, Matilda, Matthew, Max, Maya, Megan, Melanie, Melinda, Melissa, Mia, Michael, Michelle, Millie, Mindy, Misty, Mohammed, Molly, Monica, Morgan

    N: Nancy, Natasha, Nathan, Nicholas, Nick, Nicole, Noah

    O: Oliver, Olivia, Oscar, Owen

    P: Paige, Pamela, Patricia, Patrick, Paul, Paula, Peter, Philip, Phoebe, Poppy (Seriously? It has Poppy but not Bridget? COME ON! You're breaking my heart!)

    R: Rachel, Randy, Raymond, Rebecca, Reece, Reuben, Rhonda, Rhys, Richard, Riley, Robert, Robyn, Rodney, Ronald, Rosie, Ruby, Russell, Ryan

    S: Sam, Samuel, Sandra, Sarah, Scarlet, Scott, Sean, Sebastian, Shane, Shannon, Sharon, Sherry, Sienna, Sky, Sophia, Sophie, Stacy, Stephanie, Stephen, Summer, Susan

    T: Tamara, Tammy, Tanya, Tara, Taylor, Terry, Theo, Theresa, Thomas, Tia, Tiffany, Tilly, Timothy, Tina, Toby, Todd, Tom, Tony, Tonya, Tracy, Travis, Troy, Tyler

    V: Valerie, Veronica

    W: Wendy, William

    Z: Zachary, Zara, Zoe

  • Dorell

    can u program other names?

  • Glenn

    Got one a month ago from Radio Shack, and I like it. It's kinda geeky but very cool. Haven't seen any other local chains (Best Buy, etc) carrying it. The guy at Shack said they had some sort of exclusive deal to carry it, and that it was a limited run item. (Dunno for sure about that last part, might have just been sales talk to get me to buy one.)

    To address some questions and comments made here:

    - There is a tech note on Mio's site about how to get the original voice back if you somehow lost it.

    - It has the safety features to warn you if you're trying to use it while moving, as well as a warning if you exceed a given speed. These can both be turned off in preferences. The warning about using it while in motion asks "are you a passenger," to which you can just say "Yes" and check off the "Don't ask me next time."

    - Yes, it is William Daniels, but figure that 20 years have passed. Voices do change over time - if you watch the series, then watch Knight Rider 2000, there is a slight voice difference even there (not to mention they tried to make the voice sound "hipper" and less "stuffy" to show maturity and growth of the AI.) I know one of the voice actors from an 80's anime series; her voice sounds slightly different just from time passing. Hey, it happens. KITT's voice sounds a bit muffled, possibly because it has been digitized at a low bit rate to save space. In my opinion, the voice of the Mio sounds like the original KITT - slight echo, kinda bored and condescending. Works for me. :)

    - To the comments about the voice sounding "off," bear in mind that when you record voice tracks for something like a GPS, you don't record every phrase. Instead, you record the individual words to form many phrases. So, when you hear KITT saying "Continue straight four miles" or "Turn left onto the highway" that's actually several words, separately recorded, and then put together on the fly to fit the situation. Most of the time it sounds pretty seamless, but where numbers are involved it may sound a bit strange.

    - Street names are not spoken using the KITT voice, however it will announce numbered highways. It can say "I Ninety-five" but it can't say "Madison Avenue." Were it a true text-to-speech engine like other products, it could say anything you wanted it to, but these are actual voice recordings, so there was a limit to what could be included. As was stated, there's no way they could have recorded Daniels speaking every street name in the US and Canada, as well as any other country for which they decide to release it.

    - There is no voice interaction, so you can't simply say where you want to go. However, the command menus are quick and easy to navigate.

    - This unit does not have Bluetooth like some of the higher priced models, nor does it have real-time traffic updates.

  • Eefin' AweSome!!!! my friend & i was jus talkin bout this som week ago.... or were we saying that the new Challenger in all black looks like a dodge Kitt???.... w.e lol

  • Christopher

    A couple of problems... I cannot get KITT or any of the voices to speak to guide me by voice. When I go to greeting names... KITT does not even pronounce the letters like he is supposed to. The volume is on and up. I installed the MioMore Desktop 08 and apparently lost the files after updating my MIO Knight Rider GPS.

    Has anybody had any similar issues? Any advice?

    Thank you in advance.

    My email just in case... Chris911P@aol.com

  • Devin

    When is the show coming back on TV on channel 6

  • Jamal

    Andre, do you think you'd be able to tell me how you used Audacity to get the GPS to say your name? If so, you think I'd be able to emulate something similar with my name(Jamal)?

  • Jared

    Will i be able to download the kitt voice for my mio

  • Andre

    I just got my Knight Rider GPS for Christmas, and I love it. But my name (Andre) isn't on the list. However, "Andrew" and "Andrea" are. I used Audacity to edit the audio file, and now KITT says my name! It is a little black box of awesome.

  • Frank T

    Simply put . . . I LOVE THIS THING!!!

    I'm 47 years old, but feel like I did 20 years ago when Kitt is getting me from one destination to another. This is one of those LONG OVERDUE toys we've all been waiting for.

    Give me more!!!!! More dialog. There is no such thing as too much KITT.

    Frank T.

  • saintalfonzo

    I can't believe people are actually complaining that this gps doesn't say street names, when in actuality it does when you use the other voices. William Daniels would be dead before he had enough time to be recorded pronouncing every street name in the world... some people need to have their heads checked!

  • Chris

    Anybody not what names the GPS can actually say? a list of them....

  • Chris


    Can someone tell me or ask MIO if they will release in this in Australia. Stupid not to? I can't seem to find an E-mail address for Mio Australia or US. Either way if we could all Aussie fans should request they release it in Australia. Why should us Aussies be left out, again?

    Any info on this product being release in Australia could you email me at




  • darkknight

    Whoever said get over it, really, everyone just get over it already. It is what it is. We know is a show piece and I love it. Does anyone know if you can actually personalize it if your name isn't on the pick list?

    please let me know. E-mail me mygotham@gmail.com

  • milenkokonut

    Got mine ;) love it!

  • WD

    Lindsey: that is because it is the same actor. Good ear! :)

  • Lindsey

    KITT = Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. The voice is identical.

  • Guillermo

    Do you know if the spanish voice for the GPS is also from the dubbed version of Knight Rider? The guy who did the voice was German Robles, and many people think the spanish version of KITT sounded even better than the original.

  • eric manuel

    sounds like a lot of them bouight the unit for the voice, I just bought the unit so I could travel without the bloody, fold up maps, mine is a christmas present so I haven't even taken it out of the box yet, won't till christmas day. but come on people stop complaining about something so trivial, who really cares if it doesn't sound like him , as long as it does the job it was really made for.

  • RedLee73

    I was never really interested in purchasing a GPS but I was a Fan of the Knight Rider series and hopefully the "New" KNIGHT RIDER 2008 Series. 1 just bought this GPS and its pretty cool. The only Prob, I have is after I transfer some voice files around, I was then missing the initial Kitt voice TTS file? I've been in contact with tech support and they say they are working on the problem. Hopefully it will be soon! Besides that it's a nifty little novelty item!

  • KnightRiderNut

    Does anyone know, for definite, if you can get Irish/European maps for this? My brother's going to New York in a couple of weeks and I'm tempted to get him to buy one for me (if that's possible, I know the demand is probably huge, hence the pre-ordering). I've spent hours looking (maybe in the wrong places??) through Mio's site, their KR site, and the net in general, but I can't find an answer. I'd even settle with these maps coming out in the next few months. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want to get one, but.....

  • Troublmkr

    People really need to quit bitchin'. It is a cool product no matter how it's made and as a custom mechanic,I am sure it could be modified in just about any way possible to the imagination. You should give credit where it is due,because someone thought of a really cool product.

  • Kevin

    Thanks Neil. I'm glad they made it optional. The one I had in the rental car didn't allow any bypassing of the feature. So while I do understand the safety reasoning behind it, having my wife check things out and look for banks, food, etc wouldn't be dangerous, but we couldn't do it.


  • neps

    Kevin - the device does have that (it's so you don't sue them if you get into an accident!) - How ever you can easily disable the warning in the preferences or on the screen when it first comes up.

  • As a matter of curiosity... does this MIO have the same "safety" feature as some other GPS' that prevents menu choices and location selection from being made while driving? I had one in a rental car once that wouldn't allow any choices to be made while it registered motion. So basically... driving down the highway and wondering where you can grab a bite, or fill up, means you have to pull over and STOP completely, make your choices, and then pull back into traffic again. Utterly stupid IMO. Some have that feature, some don't... that's the only thing preventing me from pre-ordering the Mio. :/

  • I would also like to see a larger, square version of this. Maybe 6x6.

    This way it would be the perfect fit for one of two double screens in a dash.

    I would dissasemble it from it's enclosure and mount it as the first screen, with a matching video screen next to it.

    The audio would be routed out into a larger amplified speaker under the dash.

    This would be a smash for not only the Knight Rider replica driving experience but at car shows too!!!

    I wonder if Mio would be willing to simply load this software onto other larger units they make for special orders?

    That's all they would have to do!!!

    Maybe they could sell the software alone to work with all of their units?


  • I am betting that some of the phrases are recordings of Daniels, but the rest of it is synthisyzed by the computer in the pitch and cadence of his voice so that it can say all the different combonations that need to be said. They had him say certain things like the greetings, etc. Everything else is computer generated from bits of his words or etc.

  • bob irwin

    Lose the the LEDs on the sides and put a long LED bar on the bottom.

  • Sam

    All this talk about the pitch being wrong.

    Who cares. Get over it. I don't think any of you had anything to do with the development of this product. besides, you can't expect the man to have the same tone of voice for ever. Our voices do change with time you know. geez. It still pretty cool if I say so myself.

  • Genioplaya

    Does this have voice recognition? It's cool that it asks where would you like to go, but it would be much cooler to tell it the destination instead of typing it in using the touch screen. I'm just saying.

  • james

    ha i think tht is cool i will like to get one

  • Lee

    I agree, the pitch of WD's voice is wrong.

  • Way cooler than an iphone and needs to be in a muscle car that is a pig on gas.

  • Thomas

    Nice thing. The software is the same like on my NAVMAN S90i. So there can be updates. But I wouldn`t buy the S90i again because of the bad software and street-maps (for Europe)

  • Mr. Completely

    The added bass in the voice samples was most likely added by Mio to compensate for the small 'tinny' speakers (and possibly road noise). Many FM radio stations still continue to overdrive bass for the same reason.

  • Jiimbo

    "David Springs said:

    Or just get a KITT voice for a TomTom. Duh."

    Yeah, if you want one that sucks!

    You definitely tell that the pitch is off especially at the end of a phrase. I like the adjustments in the YouTube video above.

    My guess is that Mio did not have people who were real big fans of the show. They just threw this together with little regard for details like the pitch and have "Devon" and "Bonnie" as name choices. Still, I give them credit for getting the man himself to do the recordings!

  • Anonymous


    Proves it's all in the pitch of the voice.

    the vid is not my doing, showing as well that others thought the same as me.

  • PostalPreacher

    Or just get a KITT voice for a TomTom. Duh.

  • S.Cruz

    I hope it has maps for Brazil, Me and my wife are big fan of KITT. I really wanna have one.

  • Mike

    I'm so buying this thing! I can't wait!

    Oh Scott, by the way, Mio actually does have map updates. When I was cruising the site for more on the KR GPS today I noticed they had some. So there ya go! lol!

  • cory44

    whats the site to update it??? if anyone can tell me my e-mail is brightlight_01@hotmail.com please e mail me the site thanks.

  • Scott

    Mio....Hmmm....wonder if they have updates for any of their products...Bought one at Radio shack in Dec....maps at least two years old, and NO RESPONSE from them via their tech support. I'll never buy another, not even one that has anything to do with David Hasselhoff!!! YUK

  • Jay

    For Those of you that are Dumb enough to say its not William Daniels....Well Thats Stupid they can't say its one person and have be someone else, Not to mention it's been a long time since anyone heard his voice(As Kitt) It's not just him talking normally it's the way he says stuff as KITT. For those of you confused about the other video there are 3 Voices, Male Female and Daniels. Also if it's stupid I guess your not old enough to appreciate it or your just terminally pissed off at the world and jealous you can't come up with something better.

    So Anyway I can't wait to buy one I have been looking for one for when I start to travel around the US this coming year and Now I know what one im gonna buy so im Just gonna wait till it hits stores !!!!!!

  • dignity4sale

    I are confused.

    Listen to the video review at Gizmodo: http://gizmodo.com/5019065/hands+on-knight-rider-gps-verdict-its-kittastic

    The part where is he says "Michael, where would you like to go today" sounds like KITT/Daniels, but what about the part where it says "turn left, then take the next right?" That can't be him, it sounds totally different. Explanation?

  • not stupid


  • brian

    cool will the unit be available in australia hope so

  • PJ

    I don't know what that first poster is smoking, obviously its William Daniels.

    Since he can't say all names, i hope they make versions where he says "Sir", "Mr", "Mam"

  • Me

    William says the names right but the phrases are spoken too low. It's as if Mr Daniels pitch was off.

    Odd, old age maybe?

    Of course I will stil buy one to hook up to my voice box.

  • DarkKnightRider

    Please tell me this is going to be available in the UK. I'm not usually even tempted by a GPS unit, but this would make a purchase inevitable.

  • neil

    thanks! try watching the video again, I've fixed the audio.

  • Audio

    Cool, but there were some problems with audio on the video. Looks like you have a couple of instances of 2 different audio tracks playing at the same time. Hard to understand what you're saying.

  • Disappointed

    Unless there's video of William Daniels actually recording his voice for this, I would seriously doubt it's his voice. It doesn't sound a thing like him...even with age.

  • WraithGD

    You also have to remember that William Daniels was a lot younger back when he did the series then when he did this.

  • Suzanasio

    aloha- ihope it is william daniels voice on this knight rider gps. i hate when people take avantage of daniels voice and copy it.

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