Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes of KARR's design at MasterKey


When touring the Knight Rider set a short while ago there was one place we knew we could not leave without checking out. Nestled in amongst the sound stages is the home of MasterKeyFilms the Visual Effects department behind some of the most amazing scenes in Knight Rider. We caught them busy at work designing our hero KITT's arch-enemy KARR. Lookout for some spoilers ahead, but if our video leaves you wanting more you will just have to tune in on Wednesdays!

  • wscloudy

    Knight Rider will be forgot.
    But I really like it!

  • Michael.Knight1

    he used after effect ??

  • Evgeny

    Good afternoon. Series (Knight Rider 08) just super when the expected release date of Season 2, look forward to.

  • When is kitt 2009 is coming out?
    Another thing, kitt it is the most coolest car ever !

  • when is kit 2009 coming out!?!

    i am just wondering when Knight rider 2009 is coming out i heard it was a episode 2 was going to come out but i havent seen any Season 2 coming out yet and i am just wondering when it will come out . i really want Knight Rider 2009 Is gonna come out :)

  • Charles Roberts

    I Love Knight Rider2008. I Think K.I.T.T. Is The Most Coolest Car Ever!!!!! K.I.T.T. Turns From Firebird To

    Mustang. I Hope Knight Rider Never Gets Canceled!

  • Really interesting. Looking forward to seeing the new series in the UK at some point.

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