The Making of Green Screen Action

NBC has just posted this really interesting look behind the scenes at the green screen process of KARR. In the clip 2nd Unit Director Ty Trullinger talks about the process in which they will shoot Yancey Arias on green screen and insert him interacting with (and even jacked into) KARR.

It's really interesting to see this footage which expands upon some of what we have shown you from our tour. It's quite obvious that the cast and crew are really giving 100% to these episodes, and we can't wait to see how they turn out.

[first spoted by gotigers1 - thanks!]

  • Kran

    What the heck ?


    Why is this US-only ? It's not a TV episode, should be public :(.

    Can this be made available for the rest of the world, please ?

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