NBC Blogs on Knight Fever

The official NBC blogs saw updates this week in wake of the latest episode.

From the Knight Writers on Knight Fever:

Easily the most frustrating episode of the season. Originally, "Knight Fever" was conceived and shot as the 2nd episode of the season for us (to air back in early October). The idea was to have Kitt contract a tech-eating virus (think Ebola for machines) and nearly die. Well, that's what we shot and planned to put on screen - the special effects were another matter entirely. Turns out it's harder to make a virus look cool on screen than we ever expected. Two special effects teams and seven months later, we sort of realized that less is more. The virus you see now is the result.

It's worth heading over to Knight Writers and read the rest of the story on how episode two became episode nine.

On the fictional Billy's Notes from the Underground, Billy gets into the real reason he's been so quiet as of late, themed after this weeks episode.

Anyways, I got A LOT of work to do this week. We almost lost every system we have running. Be thankful that when things get ugly in your workplace, your boss doesn't have a self-destruct button at his or her disposal. (I'm assuming you don't work on a nuclear-powered submarine, a starship, or in a secret underground lair full of super-classified technology)

    i was wondering if there was going 2 b a second season of the new knight rider this year and if so when

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