Out With a Bang: Say Goodbye to 2008 and Hello Spoilers


When we were on the set of episode 17 a few weeks ago we met Visual Effects Set Supervisor Eliza Pelham Randall. She showed us how she was recording the data needed to integrate a visual effect into a scene of this season's final episode. But much to our delight, as well as the delight of actor Justin Bruening, this little stunt was not going to rely solely on visual effects. While we are certain that the Visual Effects team over at MasterKey is going to blow our minds with the final product, we just could not resist ushering out the old year with a bang and ushering in the new one with some spoilers.

DSC_0749.jpg DSC_0764.jpg DSC_0766.jpg DSC_0767.jpg DSC_0769.jpg DSC_0771.jpg DSC_0775.jpg DSC_0795.jpg DSC_0799.jpg DSC_0804.jpg DSC_0837.jpg DSC_0839.jpg

  • goncalo

    ganda cena

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    i love u [
    Michel ]

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    i like sarha

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  • tyrone

    im a massive fan of the new 2008 knight rider miles better than the old one fantastic kitt the shelby muastang 500kr my 8yr old loves mustangs. ive bought the whole first season dvds on the playback label loved the plots especialy the the karr vs kitt one happy to see good prevail in the knight industries. i can not wait to get my hands on series 2 dvds to come out as my son and i love the refreshing new ideas in the show. keep up the good work people. tyrone williams london united kingdom

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