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justin_bruening.jpgCool news.... Teresa Huang, staff writer for Knight Rider '08, got in touch with us to let us know about a new kickstarter short film project she's working on with some other Knight Rider alumni! The movie is called "Early Retirement", and is "a short film about two contract killers engaged in a deadly game of cat and mouse that only serves to cover a flirtatious love affair."

Justin Bruening is the lead actor - Teresa tells us "This project will mark his return to kicking ass and taking names! " Justin is also a producer.

Teresa will be producing and acting in the film opposite Justin. Our very own on-location reporter Sue interviewed Teresa during Knight Rider's production several years ago.

Rajeev Dassani is the director. Rajeev started Master Key Productions, the company that did all of the visual effects for Knight Rider. We visited them over the summer before the series started, and they gave us some great previews on video of the work they were doing.

In the last 4 days they raised about $3000 to reach their goal, but you have less than 36 hours to join in too. We pledged some money, and hope you'll think about doing the same. Come on, don't you want to see Justin getting poisoned on screen?

"Early Retirement" on Kickstarter"


This weeks episode of ABC's show Castle featured both Mike Knight and RCIII in guest roles during an investigation in the death of a champion swimmer.

Justin Bruening (aka Mike Knight) played the couch of and Peter Parros (RCIII) played the doctor to the departed and were both questioned by Beckett and Castle - the show's main characters.

Unfortunately the two of them didn't share any screen time, so those fans looking for a generational Knight Rider collaboration will still have to wait.

If you are in the US you can watch this weeks episode on Hulu.


Website Deadline Hollywood posted an article rounding up new cast members it has discovered in staring in pilots. One of these pilots features Justin Bruening as "Steve Trevor" in the new Wonder Woman pilot:

Former Knight Rider star Justin Bruening has joined another reboot for NBC, the network's pilot Wonder Woman. The David E. Kelley-penned project stars Adrienne Palicki as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, a successful corporate executive working to balance the elements of her complicated life. Innovative-repped Bruening will play Steve Trevor, a leading man Diana can't look past, an army vet who now works in the Justice department.

We'll let you know if we hear any more to validate this! UPDATE Confirmed with Justin! Congratulations!

Deanna Russo 03.jpg

We here at Knight Rider Online would just like to take a moment to wish Deanna Russo a very happy birthday on this, the most special of days. To our very own Sarah Graiman, may all of your wishes come true.

Be sure to check out and our forum for birthday messages from her fans.

[thanks to Lara for organizing!]

justin_bruening.jpg Justin Bruening and his wife Alexa welcomed their first child on Tuesday, a daughter named Lexington Grace. Congrats Justin on the start of your family, and hope you and your wife get some rest, you're gonna need it!

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Sarah Gramien becomes a firefighter? Well, maybe! Deanna Russo filmed a multi-episode appearance on Rescue Me that starts airing tonight at 10pm on FX. Details are slim on her characters role, and we didn't see here in the promo. We're sure you are all hoping for badass firefighter.

In an interview with The Digital Lifestyle, the lovely and brilliantly sharp actress/director/model "sits" down via webcam to talk about Knight Rider and other fun topics. In discussing Knight Rider's failure, she compares it's "cheesyness" to not have been the quality needed for success. Additional issues of stress with the executive management at NBC as being too hands on for the project and their obsession over the look of a coat. This confirms rumors we've heard towards the end of its run, as the executive offices of NBC became a revolving door.

Deanna's currently working on FX's Rescue Me for the season that is set to air this year. She also directs the web short series Real Life With Married People now in it's second season.

bruce_davison.jpgNews comes that Bruce Davison has recorded the voice for President Wilson in Warner Brothers Animation film "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" releasing on various home video formats on February 23rd. caught up with Bruce during the recording sessions and asked him a few questions, one being our fav:

QUESTION: You've done so many different things. What do people most often recognize you for?

Well, if they're my age, probably Willard, because that was an impressionable movie when you're young. The younger people know me from X-Men. And then if you're 12, it's Knight Rider. It's as though every few years something comes along and then I'm sort of remembered for that. But people don't really know that I can do anything else until the next time.

It's nice to hear confirmation that a new generation did watch the show, and have the cast think positively on that. You can read the rest of the interview on their website.

justin_bruening.jpgAfter a well deserved break, news comes that Justin Bruening will be returning to TV with a staring roll for the Hallmark Channel!

From worldscreen

LOS ANGELES: Production is under way on the new Hallmark original movie Class, which stars Jodi Lynn O’Keefe, Justin Bruening, Constance Marie and Eric Roberts.

The movie follows a well-to-do law student (Bruening, Knight Rider, General Hospital), who is given an assignment to help a disadvantaged single mother (O’Keefe, Prison Break) find a job. His professor (Marie, George Lopez) makes this part of his requirement to graduate. A series of incidents and unexpected events lead them to realize that they’re more alike than they had at first thought, and they come to understand that they have a lot to learn from one another.

According to Variety "Class" it will air on February 1st on the Hallmark Channel and broadcast in HD

Congrats to Justin!

The core of Knight Rider has always been about one person making a difference. It is always amazing to us that the people who we watched in front of the camera, have cared that belief off screen. Patricia McPherson has dedicated her time for many years to save Playa Vista wetlands, David Hasselhoff with Make-A-Wish and now Deanna Russo, who tomorrow will speak in Washington DC for an extremely serious cause.

At the "DC SMS "Trainer the Trainer" Seminar", Deanna will be presenting on Stopping Modern Slavery. According to the International Labor Organization, 12.3 million adults and children are forced into various forms of labor, an equivalent of modern slavery, or human trafficking. The focus of this presentation is to teach and give others the power to give presentations and speak out against human trafficking and modern slavery.

More information on the event can be found at their meetup page.


Last year our own Michael Pajaro ran into Paul Campbell at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. We just got word from Paul and his lovely wife Laurie that they are racing again. Similar to last year they will be racing as part of a relay team, with Paul doing the running leg. This is being done to raising money for the Children's Lifesaving Foundation, and they are accepting donations for the charity.

As Lorie explains it:

"The charity is The Children's Lifesaving Foundation --it is a non-profit based in Venice and is dedicated to totally transforming the lives of LA’s at-risk homeless youth and families. During the school year we tutor the children after school --and in the summer we provide a surf camp at Zuma beach twice a week."

Paul and Laurie are actively involved with this Foundation, dedicating their time and not just money to the charity. It would be great if we could help them with their fundraising efforts by sponsoring them for the race. You'll even get to see a cute wedding photo of them on the donation page.

Good luck on the race!


The beautiful Deanna Russo recently announced on twitter that she will be taking part in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. This two day event, where participants walk a total of nearly forty miles, raises awareness for Breast Caner in the hopes of finding a cure. In hopes to help raise donations for her walk, she has offered an autographed Knight Rider poster, signed by Justin Bruening and herself. - Highest bidder gets this KR poster personally signed by me & Justin. Proceeds go to Avon Breast Cancer Walk

Tweet your bids to @deannarusso to get a unique piece of Knight Rider material and help a great cause!

Good luck on your walk Deanna!

Check out this hilarious clip from "American Contestant" with Bob Odenkirk: Episode 7. It's great to see Deanna's comedic side a little more than we've seen on Knight Rider.

We had our HD cameras rolling all weekend at The Knight Rider Festival, where fans came from all around the world to meet such Knight Rider stars as:
Justin Bruening, Rebecca Holden, Catherine Hickland, Stu Phillips, Don Peake, Jack Gill, George Barris, Dennis Braid, Tony Wood, Michael Scheffe, Buzz Bundy, James Smith, James Winburn, Nate Truman and Glen A. Larson.

Check out the video above, or visit our Videos page for more videos of the event.
Also be sure not to miss photos of the event on our Photos page.

It was great to see so many new faces. If you see your self, drop into our forum and let us know.

paul_campbell.jpgThe Hollywood Reporter writes today that Paul Campbell, our Billy, will star in a pilot being produced by ABC Studios entitled "No Heroics"

ABC Studios' "Heroics" revolves around four B-list superheroes living among the general population. Canadian Campbell ("Knight Rider") plays the leader of the group, a Canadian-born superhero who can freeze small objects. He is repped by WMA and ROAR.

While terrific news for Paul, this also would cast doubt on Knight Riders chances. However as a working Actor, we understand that he would take up new opportunities. Pilots are routinely developed by studios only to not be picked up for a full series.