Deanna Russo talks Knight Rider failure, Directing and gadgetry with @tdllive

In an interview with The Digital Lifestyle, the lovely and brilliantly sharp actress/director/model "sits" down via webcam to talk about Knight Rider and other fun topics. In discussing Knight Rider's failure, she compares it's "cheesyness" to not have been the quality needed for success. Additional issues of stress with the executive management at NBC as being too hands on for the project and their obsession over the look of a coat. This confirms rumors we've heard towards the end of its run, as the executive offices of NBC became a revolving door.

Deanna's currently working on FX's Rescue Me for the season that is set to air this year. She also directs the web short series Real Life With Married People now in it's second season.

  • dustin190scott

    if KITT never "transformed" the show would have been a hit. it had everything to be a hit but there needed to be more reallity for KITT. the original stretched reality a little bit. not beyound possibility. "2008" had great actors, writers, and imagination but tryed too hard to make KITT futureistic. I write this in hope another attempt might be made to bring "knight rider" back to its prime or beyond.

  • Cube

    I hate the 2008 knight rider. And she was 100% right..

    Also the 2008 car for kitt was SOOOO UGLY.

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