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On Saturday September 13th in Denver Colorado, the Knight Rider event was held. Hosted at the Forney Museum of Transportation it drew a crowd of over 2000 people to check out the vehicles on display. An auction with signed photos from the cast of the new series graciously donated were auctioned off to help raise money for the Museum, with one lot alone that raised $400.00.

Congrats to John putting an amazing event together! We have some photos from the event and a video of John being interviewed about it after the jump.



The Fireball Run Transcontinental Rally, took off this weekend from Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Now in it's second year, this 3500 mile 9 day journey features over 100 teams on their way to their final destination of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The race is played like a 'game' where drivers receive clues along the way to get to their next destination. The cars are sponsored by different groups but also carry a more important message of trying to help finding missing children, as each vehicle carries the image of someone who is lost.

This year's theme focuses on an 1980 theme, and carries none other than a KITT in it's midst. Darrin Cooper of Innovative Auto Design has entered his KITT that he has rebuilt from the ground up and is sporting a 383 hp engine. Joining him in his journey is David Lousiell who has helped Darrin in building his vehicle.

You can find out more about Team Innovative Auto Design from the Fireball Run website. Additionally you can follow their progress via the Foundation message boards (with additional photos) or Fireball's official tracker.

We have some great footage of the Knight Rider Car Show event that took place out at Saugus Speedway yesterday. In the video above we have Glen Larson (creator of Knight Rider), Michael Scheffe (Designer of KITT), Stu Phillips (Composer of the original theme) and Ron Martinez (Producer) talking about working on Knight Rider. Below is interviews with the replica owners and fans who came down for the day. After the jump is a video of Paul Casey talking about the Knight Rider Festival, and Nick Nuggent (who with Knights of the West Coast, was the lynchpin of this event) talking about his Knight Rider Companion book.

Many many thanks to Sue for capturing these videos, as well as the photos we posted earlier.


The Knights of the West Coast held their third annual Knight Rider car show at Saugus Speedway. In attendance were Glen Larson, Michael Scheffe, Stu Phillips and Ron Martinez as well as 5 replicas of various states and fans of all ages.

These images are thanks to Sue, who went above and beyond as always with her coverage. We'll have video as well later on. In the meantime enjoy the gallery below!



We've mentioned it before, but today is 'the' day for the Knight Rider Car Show at Saugus Speedway!

Taking place at the raceway made famous in episodes such as Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show and the original pilot - this event will be talked about for some time to come! In it's third year, the Knights of the West Coast Knight Rider Car show will bring replicas of the Knight Industries 2000 in touch with fans of the series. Additionally, special guests who worked on the series will be there.

Who you ask? Well only Glen Larson (creator of Knight Rider), Michael Scheffe (creator of KITTs design), Don Peake, and Ron Martinez who will be there to answer your Knight Rider related questions as well as sign autographs.

So if you are a Knight Rider fan and live near Santa Clarita, California - then head over to Saugus Speedway (22500 Soledad Canyon Rd
Santa Clarita, California. Five miles from Magic Mountain) between 5pm-10pm tonight. Glen and Michael are scheduled to arrive at 6-7pm, traffic depending. Proceeds from the event will go to the Make A Wish Foundation of LA.

We'll be covering the event for those of you who can not make it down, and hope to have that up for you in the next day or so. And if you are going, and you see someone in a KRO t-shirt, do say hello!

[Saugus Special Announcement]

With three prominent events scheduled for this month, we've decided to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming for a few minutes, in an effort to ensure that you're aware of what's going on in your area.


On Saturday 6th September, 2008, the Knights of the West Coast will present their third annual All Knight Rider Car Show from the Saugus Speedway, in Santa Clarita, California.


Also, on Saturday 13th September, 2008, the Forney Museum of Transportation will bring us The Knight Rider Event, which emanates from their home in Denver, Colorado.


And finally, on the neibouring side of the Atlantic Ocean In the United Kingdom, on Saturday 27th September, 2008, the second annual KnightCon UK event will emanate from the Halifax Watermill Premiere Inn.

We'll have more coverage throughout the course of the month, so stay tuned.

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