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We have some official news from KRF organizer Paul Casey... They are working on a Limited Edition DVD showcasing the highlights of Knight Rider Festival 2. If you weren't able to make it out to Vegas this year, this will be a great chance for you to see everything that you missed. And if you were fortunate enough to be there in person, you'll be able to relive the experience again and again. Either way, this should definitely get you psyched up for Knight Rider Festival 3 in 2011.

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You can pre-order the DVD NOW! It's $22, and there will be very few available; once they're gone, they're gone.

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Paul Casey tells us there are already plenty of new events in the works that will make Knight Rider Festival 3 even bigger and better than this year, so be sure check back frequently for updates over the next few months.

Today sees the release of Knight Rider (2008), Season One on DVD. This four disc set contains the original Pilot from February 2008, as well as all 17 episodes that aired from September 24, 2008 till March 4, 2009.

Originally aired in February of 2008, the "back door pilot" was watched by over 12.7 million viewers. Set in real time, of 25 years later, we find Charles Graimen (a never known creator of KITT), being pursued, which activates the Knight Industries Three Thousand, or KITT, so that it can secure Sarah, Charles's daughter, and do what is necessary to protect her and the secrets she might be able to provide.

In September of the same year, Knight Rider returned to series form. Gary Scott Thompson (of Las Vegas and Fast and the Furious fame), came aboard as showrunner to inject adrenaline into the pilot, and transition it to episodic television. Originally approved for 13 filmed episodes, news was received on October 4th that four more scripts had been requested by NBC, and by Oct 21st they had approved a full season order.

As the show changed from the pilot to series, several characters were lost, while others were gained. The small team on the run, had turned into a larger government organization in a bunker in the middle of nowhere. What they lacked in dirt and grit, they more than made up for in flash and amazement.

The episodes themselves start out as a larger seasonal arch, with a story line that was supposed to carry on throughout the season. This was a departure from the original's "self contained format", a change some welcomed, but it didn't stay that way for too long. Sub-plots containing Mike's lost memory were quickly cut from the episodes for being too graphic, and shoved online for not many to see.

With complaints of too many characters vying for screen time, and NBC failing as a network to attract any viewership for any series, thus cutting many executives on staff, a change was needed. The format shifted in brilliant form back to the Knight Rider theme of old, by "offing" several of the main cast members, and blowing up the large government organization.

This new direction, with a renewed focus on the core of Knight Rider's vision of one man making a difference, began to see the ratings improve. But it was too little too late. In December, with new management in power at NBC, production on Knight Rider shut down at the end of it's 17th filmed episode (which aired 13th), a reduction from the 23 that were promised.

While many of us fought on to have this version of Knight Rider rise again, the future is still unclear. But with this release, we get to hold onto it a little more.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has provided us with a couple of copies to give away, so here is your chance to win them! Just reply to this thread with your name and a valid email and we'll randomly pick a winner. All entries must be recieved by Midnight EST Wednesday July 29th.

Winners will be notified via email. This is open only to US residents. (they are region 1 restricted and beyond that we're paying for shipping, and those international fees are a doozy!) Remember, if you pre-order via the link on the right, a portion of your purchase will go back to supporting this site, so thank you!

Thanks to NBC Universal, we have our copy of the Knight Rider 2008 - Season One
DVD in our hands! We'll be working on a review (and maybe give a couple away!), but in the mean time check out these picks of the exterior packaging.

Sound off in the comments if there is anything you'ld to know!


Available at Amazon for $41.99

KnightRider2008_S1.jpgFinally after much rumor and some delay, the first season of the new Knight Rider will be released on July 28th. TVShowsOnDVD was first to break the news today of it's release date.

A month or so ago we had told you that Amazon put up the pre-order, but no further information was available at the time. Last year, NBC had planned to release the two hour pilot separately but that was canceled once the show went to series. After that, Fry's made it available as a promotion if you bought another dvd. But this will be the first time it's available for all.

You can pre-order it at Amazon for $41.99 through our Amazon store and a percentage of your purchase will go back to support KRO.

This will be a 4-DVD set running 802 minutes, presented in anamorphic widescreen video. Audio is English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, and English subtitles will also be provided. There will also be a few bonus features:

* The Icon Reborn
* K.I.T.T. - From 2000 to 3000
* Knight Rider - Legacy
* Knight Rider 2008 Commentary With Executive Producer David Bartis and Stars Justin Bruening & Deanna Russo

Package art isn't available yet, but here is the studio description of this release:

An iconic TV classic is back and better than ever in the reinvented, updated, and super-charged Knight Rider Season One. From executive producers Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity franchise), David Bartis (The O.C.) and Glen Larson (Battlestar Galactica) comes this action-packed series about the coolest car ever created, K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Three Thousand), that's equipped with artificial intelligence capable of hacking into any computer, the weapons system of a jet fighter, and incredible custom body technology that allows it to transform into other vehicles. Relive every Season One episode as an elite team of crime-fighters work with K.I.T.T. to track down elusive, high-tech villains. You won't want to miss this fast-paced ride to the wild side!

Read the rest at TVShowsOnDVD

**UPDATE** Added new box art - thanks to TVShowsOnDvd

Available today for the first time in the US, the Knight Rider: The Complete Series collection contains all four seasons in one amazing packaging. You press this button, and the music of Knight Rider plays as well as the LEDs flash back and forth like KITTs scanner.

We mentioned this set two months ago when it was first announced, and much of what we know then is still true today. It has all the features of the individual sets, but on 24 single sided dics - which should help those of you who hate the double sided discs of the individual sets because of their high ability to get scratched.

It's available for $99.99 from Amazon

You can find a few reviews here:

knight rider the complete collection axon

Back in 2004, we covered that Universal Studios Home Entertainment began releasing the series on DVD in the US. Now, they are repacking these DVDs in this amazing package:

Gear up for action with superstar David Hasselhoff and his super car K.I.T.T. as they throttle crime in every high-octane episode from the original complete series of Knight Rider. Available in sleek, black collectible packaging featuring K.I.T.T.'s trademark swirling red light and a sound chip with the show's iconic theme song, the four disc gift set arrives on DVD October 21, 2008.

Also to note is that these discs seem to have all of the features of the stand alone sets, except they are single sided discs - which differs from the current US release which a double layered. Double layered discs are prone to scratching a bit easier, so this is a welcome change.

The set will be available on October 21st of this year and will carry SRP of $119.98. It's already onsale for $104.99 at amazon. Pre-Order it from Amazon Today!

Here is an alternate angle of the product:
knight rider the complete collection front

[Thanks to TVShowsonDVD for the alert]

Our review for the latest season release is now up for your viewing. Remember, that Season 3 comes out this tuesday, January 31st!

Our Review

...I hold the Season 3 DVD! Review to come shortly.


season 3 cover art

This week, Universal Studios announced January 31st to be the street date for the Region 1 release of Knight Rider Season 3. Unfortunately the only extra will be an episode that has yet to be announced from Season 4. was the first to report this exciting news!

October 19:

Knight Rider - Season 3 has finally been announced, with the studio providing a January 31st release date. "Bonnie" (Patricia McPherson) returns to the cast after taking the previous season off...just in time to give K.I.T.T. a much-needed repair job and a technology upgrade as well. This set, which fans have been anxious for since last April's release of the second season, will sell for $49.98 SRP and come on 3 double-sided DVDs. The show will be presented in the original full frame video and with original English mono sound. Subtitles are in English, French, and Spanish.

Running just under 18 hours, this set has 21 episodes, including the double-length season opener "Knight of the Drones". Other hot episodes this season were "K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R.", "Knight In Disgrace" and "Junk Yard Dog". Guests included the NFL's Jim Brown, plus Jared Martin, Terri Treas, Jean Hasselhoff, Jason Bateman, Alan Oppenheimer, Christopher McDonald, James Cromwell, Randi Brooks, Judy Landers, and Richard Herd.

If you live in the Region 2 DVD area, Knight Rider Season Two is now available! This set is on 6 single sided discs, and contain all episodes of Season 2. Like the US version, no extras are included on this set, and because of the data limit on single sided discs the trailers before each episodes have been removed.

Trailer Preview:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Buy it here: £26.24

Also, Season Three is still rumored to be released in December for Region 1 and February for Region 2.

Thanks to Universal-Insider for the info

Finally, some sort of date has emerged. is reporting a July 4th release date for the Season 2 DVD Set of Knight Rider for those in the Region 2 area.


Thanks to Aeneasnu!

Season two is set to be released in just a short period of time now. We were forutnate to get an advanced copy to review. What did we think of it?

We'll you'll have to check out our review to see. (hint: do you really think we'd be negative?)

In keeping with the coverage we had for Season 1, we will be doing a number of contests for Season 2.

First up is one copy of Season 2 on DVD. The end date for the contest is April 12th, we want people to be able to enter and see if they won so they'll be able to take advantage of the sales opening week if they didn't.

Like last time, the contest is open to anyone in the world, but if you are outside the US you will have to pay for shipping.

We have a couple of more sets and items to give away, so stay tuned!


Don't forget you can still preorder your sets online and save!

34.99 from Amazon

39.98 from Barnes & Noble

37.38 from

knight rider season 2

With less than two weeks remaining till Seasons 2's release now might be a good time to refresh your memory on the second season. With a number of two hour episodes, including Goliath and Goliath Returns, and memorable episodes like Let It Be Me there is alot of incredible content on this disc.

To refresh your memory, remember to browse through our episode guide; where we have detailed synopsis and video previews.

Also be sure to also check out Universal's trailer for the DVD release of Ateam, Magnum PI and Knight Rider, which heavily features scenes from Custom K.I.T.T..


Windows Media:

Universal Home Video has also updated their Knight Rider DVD page; and if you check out their fan sites section you will still see a familiar site listed there!

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