Win a copy of Knight Rider 2008 DVD!

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has provided us with a couple of copies to give away, so here is your chance to win them! Just reply to this thread with your name and a valid email and we'll randomly pick a winner. All entries must be recieved by Midnight EST Wednesday July 29th.

Winners will be notified via email. This is open only to US residents. (they are region 1 restricted and beyond that we're paying for shipping, and those international fees are a doozy!) Remember, if you pre-order via the link on the right, a portion of your purchase will go back to supporting this site, so thank you!

  • KITT


  • neps

    thanks everyone for entering, good luck to all!

  • Hope Neppel

    I would love to win!

  • Mark Coluccio


  • Allie

    I would love my chance to win Knight Rider. I loved watching it as it aired.

  • Andrew Jackson

    Hopefully the "Big Wigs" at NBC will get it into their thick, nylon covered skulls that they need to bring this show BACK!!! I loved the orginal and the newer series is AWESOME!!

  • Would love to win this as a surprise for my husband.

  • Fran

    My boyfriend is the biggest fan of Knight Rider... It would mean the world if we could win this!

  • Michael Janick

    I would love to get my hands on the DVD! I want it so bad! Knight Rider is the greatest show that thrusted upon us! Put me in the mix, I want to win the DVD!!

  • SilverFoxThief

    Good luck all! :)

  • I would love to add this version of Knight Rider to my existing collection (TOS Seasons 1-4, Region 1 DVD).

  • Daniel

    Good Look for all. I wish NBC do a second season...

  • Chris Burgener

    I am watching the first disc of this season right it from Netflix...would love to have my own copy

  • Beth Dockery

    Sounds great, can't wait to get one in a few weeks.

  • Ayesha Zubair

    shadowy flight!

  • Sajal Sthapit

    KITT fan forever!

  • Scott

    Entry - 1

  • Terry Snell

    I would love to win the DVD set. I LOVE this show!

  • ArthurEmen

    Just wanted to say. I really liked the show. They could have done more things with Karr they could left one of actors instead letting all three go hope the syfy channel gets it

  • Saad Dada

    Hope to win the DVD. KITT lives forever!


    I living from turkey.

    please for me dvd.

  • Ezekiel maestas

    Hope to win!!!

  • Eric Jordan

    As a person who - to THIS DAY - will never let his mother regret not letting him send away for the "KITT blueprints" advertised at the end of an season 2 episode of the original series (I think that was their way of judging the audience size pre-Neilson) I would really like to win this box set - to make up for that psychological pain, of course.

    After watching, it will be displayed (Proudly!) between my Knight Rider wallpaper border (M.I.B.) and my Knight Rider trading cards.

  • Alex Wong

    i want to win a copy

  • Adderlin Taveras

    please enter me into the drawing! Thanks, Im a huge Knight Rider fan! :-)

  • Matt S.

    I'd love to win KR08!

  • Matthew Hinterscher

    Hope I win, if not I gotta buy this DVD set!!!!

  • Pat Gallagher


  • Ben Martin

    Been a fan since TOS & Beyond, long live Knight Rider!!!

  • Michael Parnell

    Sign me up.

  • Chris Burks

    It's sad the show didn't run any longer, but MAYBE SciFi...oops..SyFy..will pick it's hoping! Long Live the Knight!

  • Steve Fritts

    Lookin' to win the DVD.

  • Easton pillay

    can i please get a copy

  • Adam Urbanski

    Sweet, Season One of DVD. It'll look great next to my wife's chick-flick collection.

  • Garen

    Crossing my fingers...I'd love to win this set!

  • Julie

    I would love a chance to win my copy of the Knight Rider DVD. Love watching it as it aired.

  • Monica

    I would like to win one so I'm trying my luck. :)

  • Craig Hirsch

    Please enter me into the drawing! Thanks!

  • Trey Lansford

    I love contests that are easy to enter!!

  • I do hope I win this, so I will have the complete collection of all the DVD on "Kight Rider" Series TV show.

  • Joseph Jacob

    Nice thing your doing Neil! Hope I win!

  • Tim Shrimpton

    That would be neat if I could win one :)

  • Chris Waldorf

    Don't Stop The Knight!!!! I have to have these and they are not available here yet.....

  • Hany Abdulla

    I hope I will be a winner

  • Becky Cross

    Lets try it :-)

  • michael w

    cant wait!!!!! the excitement is killing me

  • Nice!!

  • Count me in. I'd love to win this one. :)

  • Stacey Fallon

    Wanna Win this !!

  • Terry Bratsis

    Hope I get this !! I Love this show and hope that the DVD Sales might bring the show back, at least maybe on SyFy !!

  • darren nelson

    For the win!

  • Eddie Laflamme

    Hope I win One

  • Robert Motta

    I never even seen the new show so I would like to win.

  • Phanjanit Garnploog

    Would love to win this to show my students and introduce them to Knight Rider

  • Tim May

    I would love to WIN!!!!

  • danny murray

    the new knight rider was fun to watch

  • Mike

    This would be great to have :) and hope and pray for a season 2.

  • Gary Hunter

    My Birthday is coming up and this would be a great gift for me.

  • Melody Wagler

    Is this valid?

  • Jeff Leszczynski

    Let's hope that lady luck is shining on me! Come on KI3T!

  • Aaron Hoy

    Please enter me into the KnightRider DVD giveaway

  • Walter H. Anderson

    Please let me win the DVD.

  • Ben Cavana

    Awesome! This is one contest I would definitely like to win. :)

  • michael chechel

    hope i win, thanks

  • Brad Cooper

    Can't believe there's no season two... have to treasure season one!

  • I'd love to win the DVDs! Thanks for doing this!

  • Josh Turchetta


  • Laura Tirrell

    Hoping to win the dvd

  • Sarah Mobius

    I would like to win the DVDs please :)

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