Knight Rider 2008 DVD in our Hands!

Thanks to NBC Universal, we have our copy of the Knight Rider 2008 - Season One
DVD in our hands! We'll be working on a review (and maybe give a couple away!), but in the mean time check out these picks of the exterior packaging.

Sound off in the comments if there is anything you'ld to know!


Available at Amazon for $41.99

  • Sean

    Its on DVD and not on Bluray. Boo for NBC!

  • John Pratt

    And Amazon wants $199.99 for just one season on DVD, rediculous!

  • Julie

    I love that idea they put in the Knight Rider movie. some fans haven't seen it yet so this gives them the wonderful chances to see it.

  • "TV classic is back and BETTER THAN EVER" I don't think so Tim!

    Interesting that they list Glen Larson as an executive producer.

  • MKnight1984

    I just think it's hilarious that they do not mention Gary Scott Thompson once on the back... Are they trying to placethe blame soley on him for the series failure?? I think it would be unfair... Can't wait to get my hands on it I reserved it... Got one for my friends kid too...

  • If your giving one away throw it accross the pond to the knightcon event ,we will gladly auction it for the charity



  • Sarah

    yay! that means mine should be here soon too, i hope. since i preordered it like a month ago.

  • Scott

    Woo-hoo! I can finally clear out my DVR and make room for some new shows. My kids will be excited too :)

  • FordFilly82

    I also find it interesting that the pkg says "Season One" and not "Complete Series". When Moonlight was canceled it read complete series. So One of two options: 1) they are maybe still working on a season Two or (most likely) 2) this was in production before NBC gave word that the show was not renewed. Hmm...the drama continues....

  • Justin

    Interesting that the box says Season 1 and not The complete series. The latter is usually done when a show is over and only lasted a few episodes.

    I certainly have to get this on DVD, the special features sound great!

  • Fl@sh

    I hope they will ever release the DVD in Germany. Nice Bonus Features :)

  • Tony Karas

    I would like it. Sign me up

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