Living UK airs "The Hoff: When Scott Came to Stay"


This week, the UK channel Living aired The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay, a :45 min look into Scott Mills, a UK radio personality, and his week living with David Hasselhoff. This is a really unique and humanizing look into the behind the scenes world of David.

We caught up with David and Scott filming back in January as they met the members of the Knights of the West Coast organization and their fleet of KITT Replicas.

Someone has posted on YouTube the complete episode for people not in the UK to see. We've included embeds to those videos after the jump.

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  • Kevin Wakeling

    I do understand that downloads of Knight Rider can be a illegal thing, but what about us fans in Australia, as we don't have NBC, we have to download the episodes every week, otherwise we'll miss out. Knight Rider kicks ass & I cant wait till the 2nd season.

  • Sarah

    this was uploaded by scott mills' people, btw.

  • God

    Knightendo77, chill. Don't be a douche....

  • knightendo77

    You could say the same about torrents, doesn't make it any more legal and this site has always prided itself on not condoning illegal activity on the internet.

  • derek

    when will we see it back on tv?

  • jim

    i think it's a different situation. on the forum its people posting torrents or illegal sites. this is YouTube - isn't it fair game until the owner complains?

  • Um... on the forum you (very rightly) stop anyone from discussing downloads of Knight Rider as you don't want to condone illegal activity. How is this different?

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