Hasselhoff and KITT on the set of a UK video shoot

This past Tuesday Paul Casey, the producer for the Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas, was able to arrange a reunion between the original cast and crew of Knight Rider that has likely not happened in ages. It was only a taste of what we will have at Vegas. David Hasselhoff was in town shooting a video for a UK company at the iconic Hotel Angeleno. When a few KITT's were called for, George Barris along with the Knights of the West Coast were eager to comply.

Knights of the West Coast member Alex was there before we arrived and shot this video of "the Hoff".

We were still working on getting our dear friend KITT out of Barris's garage. But once we got him on the road it was quite a sight to see. It's not everyday you get to see Barris riding along in KITT, the car he helped to design. And of course how could we refuse the chance to ride along in KITT ourselves as the video was being shot.
Check out our video below.

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