Exclusive Interview with Deanna Russo Part 2

We are back with part 2 of our exclusive interview with Deanna Russo - who plays Sarah Graiman, daughter of Charles Graiman - creator of the Knight Industries Three Thousand and childhood friend of Mike Traceur.

Continue to read our exclusive interview with her. Also be sure to check out our previous interviews with David Bartis, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Kevin Dunigan.

  • Shani

    Hello Deanna

    How are you doing?

    You are doing such a superb job.

    I like your roll. you are just so sweet i just cant explain it...Especially your face and your gorgeous eyes.

    Please whenever you'll get a time, write to me at my email add. pakistar@gmail.com :)

    even you just write *HELLO* to me i'll be very glad. I am a great FAN of you.

    So take good care of yourself.

    Best of luck in your future.

    Love Shani

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