KITT to make big screen cameo with the Hoff in 2015

Last month, WWE Studios (yes, the wrestling folks) announced production of a movie starring Ken Jeong (Hangover) as a man who tries to win a celebrity death pool by killing David Hasselhoff. Hulk Hogan has a cameo (hence the WWE connection.) The Hoff is one of the producers and will also appear in the film as himself in a small role.

KITT will have a small part in the movie as well. Knight Rider Online obtained a casting call looking for voice actors for the role:

“We need a talented impressionist to mimic exactly the voice of KITT, the car from Knight Rider in a hilarious scene with David Hasselhoff's character. KITT, who has a combative relationship with David's agent, is actually a man that sits in the back seat of David's car and speaks to him from there. Three lines.”

The theatrical release is expected in 2015.

Variety covered the initial film announcement