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Last month, WWE Studios (yes, the wrestling folks) announced production of a movie starring Ken Jeong (Hangover) as a man who tries to win a celebrity death pool by killing David Hasselhoff. Hulk Hogan has a cameo (hence the WWE connection.) The Hoff is one of the producers and will also appear in the film as himself in a small role.

KITT will have a small part in the movie as well. Knight Rider Online obtained a casting call looking for voice actors for the role:

“We need a talented impressionist to mimic exactly the voice of KITT, the car from Knight Rider in a hilarious scene with David Hasselhoff's character. KITT, who has a combative relationship with David's agent, is actually a man that sits in the back seat of David's car and speaks to him from there. Three lines.”

The theatrical release is expected in 2015.

Variety covered the initial film announcement

The news of a new Knight Rider TV movie by NBCUniversal has met with some heat from Glen Larson. It seems that while Larson owns the Film rights to Knight Rider, NBCUniversal owns the TV rights. With both projects in development will they cancel each other out - or will fans be rewarded with multiple Knight Rider avenues. We of course hope for the later.

Read about it at Ain't It Cool News

We hope to write more about it this weekend; about the history of this video from KnightCon 07, to the mysterious visitor who has been talking with us in our forum.

In this weeks Entertainment Weekly (Issue #877), they decide to try and pick the Knight Rider movie dream cast:

Entertainment Weekly Scan

Who would be in your dream cast?

From Daily Variety today:

V's 'Knight' Rides Again Ian Mohr

"The Weinstein Co. is steering an adaptation of the '80s TV series "Knight Rider" toward the bigscreen.
Indie banner has sealed a deal to acquire rights to the skein from creator Glen A. Larson, who also was behind such titles as "Magnum, P.I." and "The Fall Guy."

"Knight" follows a cop who's been left to die and is nursed back to health by a mysterious millionaire. The moneyman also gives the cop a new face; a new name, Michael Knight; and crime-fighting gadgetry, including KITT, the car with artificial intelligence.

Original skein ran on NBC from 1982-86 and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight.

David Price, who brought the project to TWC, is co-producing.

Larson said he sees the feature version of "Knight" as a potential franchise property.

TWC has been beefing up on TV remakes of late: Unit recently pacted with rapper-thesp Ice Cube to produce and topline a bigscreen version of the ABC series "Welcome Back, Kotter" and the company also has on its slate "The Equalizer," with Paul McGuigan at the helm."

Thanks to all who sent this in, and Michael Pajaro for the transcription.

Further coverage:

Google News
Syfy Portal (has some inacurate mentions)


News from Australia today, where MrPayner writes us from. A local newspaper Sain writes in their January edition, claiming that the Knight Rider Movie will be in the theaters by the end of the year. I would be hesitant with believing this article until others echo it, cause we've been down this path before. However, we wanted to pass it on to you.

Aint it Cool News posted some information on the movie that as far as I know hasn't been mentioned anywhere else. Harry was asked about the Knight Rider movie, and below is his response.. Although, with him your never too sure what he has heard credibly. That whole Hasselhoff bit.. ut oh.. If true, I guess this means that they may be starting from the begining.

actual story link

Hey folks, Harry here... Yup, this is completely true. In addition to all of this... The film is set to be distributed by Sony, Hasselhoff will have a role in the film, but not Michael Knight. William Daniels will be the voice of KITT and though dead, Edward Mulhare will apparently be back, but as a hologram... (Don't ask me, I don't know) The script has had Glen Larson, Paul Lovett and David Elliot working on it. I'm curious how this will end up doing, because frankly... Universal has a SPY HUNTER film with The Rock set up, and that car is apparently going to be tranforming into all sorts of super cool things and doing badass stunt after badass stunt... BUT... KNIGHT RIDER does have that cool title music, though personally, AIR WOLF owned KNIGHT RIDER's ass!

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below is a copy of the article that appeared in this monday's variety

Scribes revving up 'Knight Rider' pic
Hasselhoff to exec produce; Elliott, Lovett to pen script
Daily Variety, April 14 2003

The wheels are in motion on Revolution Studios' bigscreen adaptation of the 1980s TV show "Knight Rider."

The studio has hired tyro scribes David Elliott and Paul Lovett to pen the script for the pic, which is being planned as an action comedy.

TV series ran on NBC from 1982 to 1986, revolving around Michael Knight and his talking car K.I.T.T., a sleek black Pontiac Trans Am, as they fight crime.

Elliott and Lovett are also writing Revolution's comedy "Neighborhood Watch."

Revolution partner Tom Sherak brought "Knight Rider" into the studio where it will be overseen by development exec Navid McIlhargey.

"Knight Rider's" original star David Hasselhoff will executive produce the pic, while Disney-based Mayhem Pictures' Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray will produce with Glen A. Larson, who created the "Knight Rider" TV series.

Ciardi and Grey produced Revolution's comedy "The New Guy" and Disney's "The Rookie."

Elliott and Lovett are repped by CAA.

Thanks to Michael Pajaro at for the text.

Today's Variety reports on the progress of the Knight Rider movie. Cinescape provides a summary of the article: (if anyone wants to email me a copy of the article it would be appreciated)

Movie News
Two hop onboard KNIGHT RIDER
Writers hired for movie script

Dateline: Monday, April 14, 2003

By: News Editor

There's another step forward to report today for the KNIGHT RIDER feature film in development. Variety states that David Elliott and Paul Lovett have been hired to write the script which, the trade magazine reports, is being given the CHARLIE'S ANGELS approach: action comedy. Well, it's good to know no one's taking the idea of a talking Trans Am too seriously.

David Hasselhoff, the star of the original NBC television series, has an executive producer credit. The show's creator, Glen A. Larson, has a full producer one along with Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray. The project is set up with Revolution Studios.

Thanks to Scorp from the Boards for the scoop. You can see the article for yourself at here.

in this weeks TV Guide, with Nia Vardalos on the cover (who happens to be the voice of Domino in TKR) they have a feature on the Baywatch Wedding. They have synopsis on the different actors in the series, David's is of interest:

David Hasselhoff: It's been three years since he played Mich Buchannon, during which time he made his Broadway debut in "Jekyll & Hyde." On the personal front, he went through a dark period with an alchol problem so serious he drank himself into an emergency room in Rancho Mirage, California. Hasselhoff, 50, finally "hit rock bottom," he says, and checked himself into the Betty Ford Clinic. He says confronting his problem "was a blessing." After Hawaiian Wedding, he'll help produce a movie based on his 1980s series, Knight Rider. He's also working on a new album. "Everything is falling into place," says Hasselhoff, "now that I'm taking care of myself."

"Also in the U.K., soap opera actor Dan Paris (Neighbours) told a radio station there that Revolution Studios is considering going with an unknown in their big-screen version of Knight Rider and may cast him in the role instead of Vin Diesel, whose name has been bandied about. So reports Miss Ticketstub. Thanks, fellow scoopers and movie fans!"

Original article can be found here:

Thanks to Paul of the Knight Rider archive for the find.

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