On-Set: Bruening channels Hasselhoff


Above you see one of the most iconic images from the classic Knight Rider. It's of David Hasselhoff sitting on the the hood of KITT on the back lot of Universal Studios. We were on set yesterday the opportunity presented itself to try and recreate a little nostalgia and history of that moment.

Below is our updated version with Justin Bruening, it really shows how well the spirit of Michael Knight has been captured.

Justin Bruening gives a Thumbs Up!

Of course, costar Paul Campbell couldn't let Justin have all the fun and insisted on giving it a shot.

Paul Campbell strikes a pose with KITT

We still have a few videos from Sues visit to the set on Friday to post as well as coverage from both Michael and Sue visiting on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. So be sure to check back, lots of exciting stuff to share on the way to the relaunch.

  • rhonda ronnie turnham

    Justin bruening so hot I wish knightrider season 2 had happened I miss the show so much

  • denis

    kitte si moj najlebsi kamarat lebo pozeram tvoje porogrami

  • Room2 Mayfield

    I prefer the original Knight Rider photo which is this one 

  • Kevinabelnica

    kitt is like the best car ever

  • Pavlenkodavid53

    kitt looks cool in attach moad 

  • kola oni

    i love it i want more now ?

  • Sten Semjonov in Estonia

     I love David Hasselfoff he is very-very cool man.And I love KITT 2000!!!

  • David_pavlenko

    knight rider 2008 is great they should make one with the same car and actors. 

  • Sparkymarc34

    Just wondering is their going to be another series of the new knight rider or their just the season 1 only as got to be more

  • Most Wanted Sedlik

    super knight rider 2008

  • Pavlenkodavid53


  • Moto1999

    David Hasselhoff is a cool men

  • Kollanevana

    my favourite movie is knight rider 2008

  • David_pavlenko

    you are right

  • Guest

    is cool

  • mike

    hello you cool mike sarah my favorite film real film love wis film

  • Franklinzulueta


  • Franklinzulueta

    philippines 6116 isuzu trooper old

  • sithumperera

    verry good film IM REALIY ENJOY IT

  • i love kitt i am geting a car like that

  • sergio

    yeahh es genial la serie yeahh cool

  • FLAY

    I hope the second show

  • I love this photo with Justin and KITT. Just miss the new series alot

  • Rosie

    Love the show :)

  • KRxx

    I Love K.I,T.T and Sarah and Mike

  • christian enrique lopez

    kitt es el mejor es el mejor que hay veo tolos los copitulos sin faltar uno solo

  • christian enrique lopez

    love kitt name christian love kitt love sarah love maik

  • lovekitt

    i love michael even kitt.they are so cool , hope to see them soom on TV

  • Miwenty

    I love Justim bruening mmm

  • jacob valencia

    I am a young Colombian with 12 years of age and the series is the best qe seen in my life I would one day just to see the forum.


    never finish the series are amazing keep up (nunca acaben la serie son increibles sigan asì

  • I Love The TV Show!!!

  • corey l. williams

    it a cool tv show!!!!

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