Knight Rider NOT canceled says Gary Scott Thompson


With our latest visit to the set there was one nagging question on our minds. Does the reduction in the episode order signify the series cancellation? Show Runner Gary Scott Thompson reassured us with his answer in the following video.


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Transcript available after the jump.

Hey Knight Rider fans, Gary Scott Thompson here. We are on the set of episode 117 which will be the season finale. So far we have expended about 4000 rounds of ammunition, which is lying all over the ground, you can see all these shot up cars. We have a really great season finale for you.

The show is not cancelled. We're doing a reboot and, a lot of folks don't know this, but NBC not only cut costs by cutting episodes, which they did on a bunch of shows. They also just laid off 750 people yesterday in their production offices and their other offices. So this is a cost-cutting measure, it is not a cancellation measure.

So... Writing letters, though! Write a lot of letters to NBC telling them that you want Knight Rider back. To Ben Silverman at NBC!