Exclusive: Justin Bruening on the set of Episode 17


Between takes of the filming of Episode 17 we got a chance to talk with star Justin Bruening. In our exclusive interview he reveals a few secrets about Episode 17, as well as some really exciting things the New Year will have in store for us. Among them, where are all his costars?

Here are some images of Justin on set, click on the thumbnails to enlarge.


  • Man o man i wish i was justin 's best friends he sounds really cool funny really awsome. i wish i was in hollywood but thats my dream and im gonna make it come true.. i also wish to be in the show knight rider season 2 that would be so cool but im just a teenager girl that lives in texas.
    but if any one wants to talk 2 me go to mynbc.com and iam KNIGHT_RIDER_16
    PLZ send me somthin

    : )

  • foREVer_GAC94

    LUCKY!!!! I wishi i lived in Texas!!! and btw, im friends with one of his new in-laws on youtube!! but we never really talk anymore! lmfao XD

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