Exclusive: On set with Paul Campbell

While visiting the set we bumped into actor Paul Campbell, who plays Billy Morgan. He was not scheduled to be in any of the scenes for that day, but neither he nor KITT would reveal what they were up to. We were however able to pry a few secrets out of him about the upcoming episodes. Check out the video above or the images from set below.

Paul Campbell strikes a pose with KITT Paul Campbell Paul Campbell 2

  • Pāvells

    would also like to greet the operation of machines my number 28825497 zz

  • I do not think he has Facebook

  • hello poul campbell i like you

    you future

    and friend me

  • Doug22

    The first season was excellent. I really liked it when Dr. Graiman died, and the Sarah, Mike, Billy, and Zoe worked really hard, and went back to the SCC, and started working alone. They worked together really well, and the season was excellent.

    I can't wait for more seasons to come out. I don't watch too many movies, but after seeing one of the seasons on TV at my cousins house I got addicted right away, and had to buy the first season to see all the episodes. I spent 1 day watching all of the episodes, and knight rider is very addicting to watch.

    Keep up the good work guys. I did find a mistake in the one episode " I Love The Knight Life" At 27:07 Gult was hitting kitts drivers side window, but at 29:17 billy says he "got a sample of Gults blood from kitts windshield."

  • karina

    Hello it(he,she) is I am a fan of kitt I am charmed with seeing the ceries it(he) is grand me facina to see to kitt and I love the nanotecnologia it(he) is grand

  • Charles Roberts

    Mr. Paul Campbell, I Think You Do Funny Stuff On

    Knight Rider. I Like The Eposode When You Faint

    And Throw Up When You See That Girl With That

    Man And She Cuts Off His Thumb. Now That Just



    You R too KEWL Mr Paul Campbell !!! aka Billy Boy Morgan.. Love The Knight Rider!!!

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