Exclusive: Interview with Stu Phillips - Part 2

Stu Phillips 3

Here is part two of our interview with Stu Phillips, series composer and creator for the Knight Rider theme. We talked with him about his long time partnership with Glen Larson and if he has any plans to work with him in the future. We also got a peek at his original music timing sheets and learned about the process of scoring a television show. Check out our video below!

Stu Phillips Piano and Posters Equipment and Memorabilia Stu Phillips 2 Stu Phillips 3 Stu Phillips 4 Sheet Music

Be sure to check out Stu's website at stuwho.com for more information on Mr. Phillips.

His Knight Rider CD is available instantly on iTunes:

Knight Rider (Original TV Soundtrack)

A huge amount of thanks goes to Mr. Phillips for generating his valuable time to this interview. He has always been very cordial and supportive to all fans, and that's really appreciated from a man of his talent. We look forward to speaking with him again at the Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas this March.

Be sure to check out Part 1!

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