Exclusive: Interview with Knight Rider composer Stu Phillips

Stu Phillips

When channel flipping or surfing the net, you'll know instantly that you have stumbled onto something Knight Rider when you hear those first distinctive beats. The quickening tempo and bass lines recall many iconic scenes, and your heart starts to race. The theme is known by more than just your average fan, and it was as critical to the success of Knight Rider as a Turbo Boost itself.

We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Knight Rider composer Stu Phillips for a chat about Knight Rider. He with Glen Larson created the now iconic theme as well as scored 13 of the original 84 episodes. Check out part one of our video below with some pictures underneath.

Stu Phillips Piano and Posters Equipment and Memorabilia Stu Phillips 2 Stu Phillips 3 Stu Phillips 4 Sheet Music

Be sure to check out Stu's website at stuwho.com for more information on Mr. Phillips.

His Knight Rider CD is available instantly on iTunes:

Knight Rider (Original TV Soundtrack)

  • Victor Kros

    I'd just like to say Stu Phillips is an amazing guy with limitless talent and I was very fortunate to meet him to gather material for The Knight Rider Companion so it is great to see other fans like Sue also getting that special opportunity to meet him in the privacy of his own home.

    Stu Phillips for me is one of the great legends of television composers and I greatly admire his friendship and enjoy listening to his work even beyond just Knight Rider.

    Good interview.


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