Paul Campbell: On-Set Exclusive

The responsibility of much of the light hearted comedy, as well as helping KITT save the day, falls to Billy Morgan (played by Paul Campbell) who is the head research technician at Knight Industries. We spoke with Paul a bit about his role, and got quite a few chuckles out of our time with him.

Note that some of this interview, as well as Smith Cho's interview, has been held to a later date due to revealing information about a future episode.

[Watch our interview on YouTube]

Many thanks to Paul, Smith, Bruce, Yancey and Sydney for spending some of their limited time with us! We still have more to come, so check back!

  • KITT Fan

    Why Knight Rider end? :c this is best car TV show what i have ever saw... And i know so many people who love KITT and this show C: and greetings from Finland!

  • felipe vargas

    hey! greetings from Mexico and I love the series. great!!!!

  • Buc

    Hi, I am from Mexico City and I am another fan of Knight Rider and I realy Want a second Knight Rider season!

  • Preston

    I love your Show you are so cool Michael Night

    I love you so bad Send back soon

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