Bruce Davison: On-Set Exclusive

The ever talented Bruce Davison was the first of many kind actors to speak with us on set. Bruce is one of four actors that are carrying over from the pilot in February. In this interview, Bruce discusses how he memorizes all the technobable he needs to sprout - and the changes from the pilot to now for his character.

We first got the chance to finally speak with Bruce back at the Comic Con in July - but this time the location was a lot more inspiring.

What we enjoyed most with talking with Bruce was the many off camera stories he had to tell from his many years as an actor. He was also extremely kind to us and walked us around the set pointing out alot of fun detail - some of which we will post in a few days. It will be one of our favorite memories of our time on set.

[Watch our interview on YouTube]

Tomorrow we will have our interview with Yancey Arias, but for now - here is a preview after the jump!