Five Scenes from New Knight Rider

With Knight Rider airing this Sunday, NBC was kind enough to send us 5 clips for you to check out. Each clip is approximately :40 seconds in length and are direct clips from the Knight Rider movie.

Bad guys find KITT - [00:57]

KITT saves Sarah from the Bad guys. - [00:39]

  • joe

    ok you all say you don't like val kimler as the voice of kitt. what part of new and improve do you not under stand what did you expect it to be the old voice of kitt. that just would work. I think the new show is done well I thik there should be no change to kitt. but ofcoure this is coming from a ford fan. the origanl knight rider was kick ass i will give it that but in time I think that this one will be just as good.

  • Angie

    I have watched these clips and am very upset. A show like Knight Rider is a true original and to completely overhaul the show is just wrong. K.I.T.T. was an original and cannot be replaced. I know the TV show executives are trying to appeal to the younger generation but a true classic cannot be changed. The fact that David Hasselhoff is only making a cameo is just wrong, the voice of KITT is not good at all either, I am very disappointed I thought they would do a better job on this new version. I will still watch it but it will never be great as the original.

  • Dave

    I'm excited about the show, however, I hope that if this get's picked up as a series, they lose Kilmer. I like Val Kilmer as an actor, but it sound's like he's using his "Batman" voice, and that just doesn't sound like KITT. I know this isn't the same KITT from the series which is why they didn't want Daniels, but they could at least have gotten something better. Still really looking forward to the movie. Peace out!!

  • Ash

    Kilmer's voice is a better match than Arnett's for KITT (Arnett sounded a bit like KARR to me). Still, I am really missing Daniel's voice in this. I am continuing to hope that should the show go to series, they will get him on board. The thing I still don't understand- is the intelligence, the person within the new KITT the same one that was in the old KITT, the one that worked with Micheal Knight? I certainly hope so; otherwise, I will be severely dissapointed. I'll definitely be watching on Sunday- here's hoping that they get at least most of this right!

  • DutchKnight

    The original Kitt was alot nicer during his introduction "I am the Knight Industries 2000's microprocessor,K.I.T.T for easy reference,Kitt if you prefer"Thats the only minor i have!!!!

  • Matthew

    I'm liking what I see BUT there is a part of me that is deeply disappointed because the original car does not have a part in this story. I see it in the garage in the first clip and I’ve seen it in a few teaser pictures but it’s just like in the movie Knight rider 2000. I had the same feelings then. The only saving part of knight 2000 was the personality of the car was even better then in the TV series.

    My prediction is this show will be good and looks good enough to be a series but it will never be great. Unless the original car can find its place in the series down the road it will just be OK to me.

  • ian

    well i watched the 5 clips and first off i wanna say the voice for kitt is much better than that other loser who pulled out,this at least sounds cool and relaxed

    however im still upset and mad that they picked yet another person over williams daniels (if you wanna make new knight riders at least keep some good stuff in from the orignal which made it a classic) for example orignal kitt voice,turbo boost and so on,but nooooooo these idiots took the 2 good things out of it, sorry the 3rd best thing was the hoff (cant be knight rider without the hoff) the man is a legend but he is in it for a few mins,,just bring him back if it gets brought into a series and bring out kitt,,2 MEN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE lol

  • Knight fan

    Just watched all 5 clips, and my first reaction is anger that the original Kitt seems to be in pieces.

    And then to curse GMC, since Val Kilmers voice just doesnt fit the car. listen to it say "hello mike." in the last clip, then compare with earlier clips. it lacks the hard edge and agressive quality to it that the earlier clips had, which suited the car far better.

    Still looking forward to it though

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