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The Hollwyood Reporter reported today that David Hasselhoff is in talks to reprise his role as Michael Knight for the NBC TV Movie. There had been some debate about whether or not he would, but we now believe that this was just confusion with the two Knight Rider projects going in tandem, and his non involvement dealt solely with the Knight Rider Film.

THR also reported that Deanna Russo from The Young and the Restless has landed the roll as the childhood friend/girlfriend of the new Michael Knight.

Burned by his love for childhood best friend and one-time girlfriend Sarah Kamen (Russo), Mike is wasting away in Las Vegas when Sarah reappears and is willing to pay off Mike's gambling debt in exchange for help.

Sarah is the brilliant estranged daughter of KITT inventor Charles Kamen, who works as an assistant professor in the engineering department at Stanford. When she receives word from talking-car KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) that her father is missing, she and KITT set out to find and recruit Mike.

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An additional cast member was revealed today:

Actress Sydney Poitier (Grindhouse's "Death Proof," "Veronica Mars") has landed a role on NBC's two-hour movie "Knight Rider," which will serve as a pilot for a possible remake of the TV series about a man and his talking car. The Transformers-inspired sequel centers on Mike Tracer (Justin Bruening), the son of Michael Knight, the character played by David Hasselhoff in the original production. Poitier will play a feisty FBI agent who dislikes Mike.

Sydney Poitier is the daughter of Sir Sidney Poitier

The news broke today that All My Children star Justin Bruening, will take the lead roll in the new movie currently being produced by NBCUniversal.

The news broke via the Hollywood Reporter, and several other outfits have followed up with similar claims since.

"Bruening will play the son of Michael Knight, the character played by David Hasselhoff in the original series. And like father, like son, the choice of Bruening closely resembles Hasselhoff's casting a quarter-century ago."

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