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The amazing duo of Jason and Dan, better known as the gents behind The Shadowy Flight Podcast, have published their first video from Knight Rider Festival III. This three minute clip is beautifully shot and showcases just a bit of the video content they plan to share from their time at Knight Rider Festival III

Be sure to subscribe to them in iTunes or visit them online at their website.

A Knight Rider Wedding, Behind the scenes pics and more in this weeks link roundup:

The Knight Rider inspired puzzle game "Summer of Secrets 2" wrapped up this week revealing the latest logo for Knight Rider Festival III! Nick Nugent did a fantastic job with not only the game but designing many unique pieces of artwork as rewards and the visual trailer shown above. If you want to check out the game you still can at

Nick's also got a nice walkthrough of the stages of the Knight Rider Festival III poster that he put together for the Knight Rider Festival that you should check out to see how these pieces come together. Follow him @krcompanion on twitter to keep up with his latest creations.

The Summer of Secrets game continues on with it's second mission in progress and now this security breach! Head over to to play along and save the day.

Nick Nugent's latest game Summer of Secrets: Mission 2 is almost here. Check out the teaser and prepare!

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Have a Knight Rider replica or wondering if others in your area might? Then check out this cool map mashup. The idea of 99transamgirl and her husband was recently posted to our forums. They hope their map can become a complete database of replicas around the world. If you have a replica, we encourage you to submit!

The Deanna Russo directed webseries "Real Life With Married People" has begun its second season. This is a "very short web videos about a couch, and the two people who sit on it a lot." It was created by Celia Finkelstein and Destin Berthelot who also star int he show. Deanna does all her work behind the camera, which may be unfortunate for some fans. However the comedy performed by Celia and Destin is quite humorous and hits true for anyone ever in a relationship.

For the last several months, our very own Sue has been hard at work with a new project she's been spearheading for the new January 2010 series "Human Target"

Human Target Online, has quickly become an amazing portal for all things Human Target. From the original appearance in Action Comics in 1972 to the more recent ABC series in the 90s, the graphic novels and now the Fox series, it's all there. Sue herself was at Comic Con this weekend, and got some great exclusive content in the form of pictures, videos and more.

Whether you're a fan of comic books, good scripted drama, classic sci fi like the A-team or Knight Rider or if you still remember the short lived 1992 series fondly. Fox's new take on Human Target promises to please.

Be sure to check out Human Target Online as we continue to ramp it up for the January premier!


Due to unfortunate circumstances, we had to put the Knight Rider Online podcast on hiatus back in January. Since then we've been busy preparing for the Knight Rider Festival and launching the Campaign for a Second Season, that our beloved podcast fell down in priority.

While we aren't ready to announce a full return to form or even a rebirth, we do have a special edition episode available now. The fine hosts of another Knight Rider podcast - The Shadowy Flight - were gracious enough to help us with an episode during our transition and we are very thankful that they did.

If you're not familiar with Jason and Dan, their podcast The Shadowy Flight, started a little after we did back in August, but their episode style is completely different. Where as ours had tended to wrap up the news of the last few weeks, theirs is more episode focused. Each edition they spend at least an hour having a healthy discussion about an episode. It has been mostly for the Knight Rider 2008 series, but they've also done Knight Rider 2000, Knight Rider 2010 and some of TKR. They'll begin reviewing the original series very soon as well, so be sure to give them a listen.

We'll be back very soon with more on the podcast future. Thanks again to Jason and Dan for their hard work. We had the pleasure of meeting them at the Knight Rider Festival and they really are a class act, so check them out!

* If the latest episode isn't displayed in iTunes, you can download it directly.

Just two hours left on our eBay auction raising money for the Children's Miracle Network. Our Knight Rider Festival package includes a signed print, t-shirt, magazine and other swag. Please help if you can!

We also have some t-shirt and pins left at our online store, with limited quantities left on our custom Knight Rider Online shirts. This will be our final push - so thank you for your help!


NBC has finally done what many were waiting for! The first season of the original Knight Rider is now available via both NBC and Hulu! Now there is a way for US based viewers to have a free legal method of watching the original series.

Classic episodes such as Pilot, Trust Doesn't Rust (first appearance of KARR), Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death (KITT jumps the General Lee), White Bird (first appearance of Stevie) and many others are now available for you any time day or night!

We will let you know when further seasons become available! If you are in the US, be sure to watch via these methods (for the new series too!) it's the only way NBC will know we are out here watching.

Check out this video that is just pure fun. A YouTube'r has complied almost all of the jumps from the original series (he got capped by YouTube's 10 minute clip length). Sit back and enjoy!

podcast_art_250.jpgIf you are a fan of podcasts and you're looking for a source for a Knight Rider, then look no further! Now in it's seventh edition, this bi-weekly podcast hosted by our own FuzzieDice is all you need to keep up to date on the latests goings on in the Knight Rider world.

In this episode, we review the latest epiosde "Knight of the Zodiac" and discuss the Knight Rider reboot, new KARR secrets, VFX Team being interviewed, new 2010 mustang, as well as the Knight Rider Festival and more!

Check it out and subscribe from these sources:
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If you have any questions or topics you'ld like us to discuss on the podcast please !


With the holiday season upon us, it's sometimes can be a chore deciding what to get the Knight Rider fan in your life. To help you with this we have put together this handy guide on the coolest Knight Rider items available this holiday season. Please post in the comments if you find anything else!

A portion of your purchases made through these links will go back to this site. Thank you for your support and happy holidays! We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of Knight Rider over the past year.

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ec4cc5ec-2910-473a-9125-4d3240f617dbtv.jpg We were invited today to speak on 168 Hours of TV - Jeremy Scott's show on Blog Talk Radio.

Included below is the 12 minute excerpt of that interview, and is a pretty decent primer for what the show on Wednesday is all about. We discuss the new series, knight rider in general and the history of this website.

You can also listen to the complete episode on their website. Thanks to Jeremy for reaching out to us, we had a lot of fun!

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