New Pictures of Hot Wheels KITT 1:18 and 1:43

The Hot Wheels Elite team is getting close to releasing both their 1:18 and 1:43 die-cast models. As we've shown you previously this highly detailed model is going to be many fans lusted over product. You'll have to wait till February to get your hands on one, but in the mean time enjoy these images of the final models!

  • Allan Tværmose Nielsen

    Kom med pakke Boxer Knight Rider
    Frydendalsvej 131809 Frederiksberg C

  • Steve ahern

    I GOT MY 30th ANNIVERSARY Original hit 80's series KNIGHTRIDER K.I.T.T. Black T-TOP CAR dis morning in IRELAND 8AM By courrier as a birthday present 6weeks wait get 1:18 model I've to say HOTWHEELS ELIETE limited edition K.I.T.T. Black T-Top have done fantastic job detail inside /outside car I give it 10/10 accurate to.series car detail 5*****stars for for detail it a must have for fans of KNIGHTRIDER/ HASSLELHOFF Fans to all fans it worth wait with € $ £ to buy im delighted with mine from IRELAND HUGE DAVID HASSELHOFF FAN. And great my collection due I've met him 2013 5*****STARS CAR 10/10 DETAIL ACCURATE Uwint be disappointed Hotwheels ELIETE 10/10 *****5stars well done fans be proud of it

  • Steve Ahern

    im waiting for my DAVID HASSELHOFF Coolest car ORIGINAL 80-Series KnightRider in Ireland 30 th LIMITED EDITION HOTWHEEL Elete Car K.I.T.T. BLACK T-TOP as a present for my 30th birthday just found out get one 30th birthday may 2013 still wait due not in uk june 10th worth wait due surfed net look unreal K.I.T.T BLACK T-TOP CAR 1:18

  • Steve ahern

    Well found out for buyers in IRELAND that K.I.T.T. Hotwheels elite 30th ANNIVERSARY KNIGHTRIDER 10,000 LIMITED EDITION BLACK T-TOP CAR only in stock being sent June 17th TUESDAY 2013 Due to delay from U.S.A. The sEller eBay email me due I've booked 15th May 2013 due limited edition June 10th date changed June 17th TUESDAY IRELAND /ENGLAND Just let fans know of DAVID HASSELHOFF Hit 80's series KNIGHTRIDER CAR It worth wait for U.K. & IRELAND

  • Kal-El S

    tell me where to buy model 1:43

  • javi

    is not same to kitt very bad form this it 1:43

  • javi

    ojala este no sea el modelo final de 1 :43 porke es muy decepcionante esta muy mal hecho

  • ANIS

    Hello to those who do not know the backseat of version 1/18 can be folded as this is really great detail but against version 1/18 joyride as I already said is really rotten but I like about this model is the rear window of KITT and that there is only hotwheels elite who faithfully reproduced than the tv series

  • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

    I want this now!!!! Lol no I'm serious tho

  • Anis

    THANK THE BOTTOM OF HEART HOT WHEELS for making this model 1/43 kitt frankly the result is truly amazing and I can not wait to have it in my collection I hope that other vehicles scour the tv show knight rider will emerge at scale 1/43 season as kitt 2.3, convertible, white, spm kitt and KARR KITT semi trailer truck on GOLIATH and more

  • Wow it's amazing Darth vaders bathroom in my hands come Feb !

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