Knight Rider Festival IV Wrap Up

True VIPs - Making a Difference!

Knight Rider Festival IV has come and gone, and it's taken us some time to recover! This time for it's fourth year, it paired up with Las Vegas Car Starts to make it a memorable event. Peter Parros, RC3, joined us for his first US based show - having not aged a day - was very approachable and genuine. Bob Bralver, 2nd unit director and Director for 4 episodes of the original series had endless amazing stories to tell. They were joined by the beautiful Rebecca Holden, Michael Scheffe, Jack Gill, Buzz Bundy, Dennis Braid, and James Winburn.

Representing Car Stars was was John Schneider, Erik Estrada, Paul Michael Glaser, Claudia Wells, Antonio Fargas and dozens of others (view list), all gathering together to make a difference for Children's Miracle Network.

Congrats to Paul for another great event, and we'll see you next year!

For more pics be sure to check out our gallery, and view YouTube for our latest videos, including some 3D footage!

  • Rich Tamayo

    You Can Watch the Official Las Vegas Car Star Program Video Here:

  • Elvis27269

    i love knight rider it was the best thing on tv it is true that one man can make a diffrence and thay could not get a better person to do kitts voice was willaim danailsĀ 

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