Diamond Select 1:15 KITT available for pre-order with Michael Knight figure exclusive


Diamond Select Toys has been having a banner year for the Knight Rider fans, first with the release of their Minimate series, then the KITT license plates, and now this. Coming this fall, we'll see the release of a 1:15 KITT, complete with doors that open (and fit a 3 3/4" figure), and electric lights and sounds.

As far as we know right now there will be two variants. The standard KITT only will be available this October, while a variant with Michael Knight action figure will be available in January. You can pre-order the KITT version from these retailers for $50.00 on average. The Michael Knight one from Entertainment Earth for $59.99.


We'll have more info in the weeks ahead, including a look at the electronics and interior! Looking forward to seeing what Diamond Select cooks up next!

  • Another collector's item,This is really nice and I like the black color knight.I really want to have more cars item because I already have a room storage for all my items.

  • Michael Knight rider is a good choice of item to collect. You can buy it and include in your collections of toy cars.

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