Diamond Select Toys shows new Knight Rider goodies at Toy Fair 2012

Toy Fair 2012 is going on this week in New York City, and Diamond Select Toys - the company behind the awesome Minimates - took the opportunity to show an updated 1:15 KITT and SPM KITT. With the press portion beginning today, we are beginning to see some photos of their booth containing these models.

These aren't the final models, so obvious defects remain - however they are more further along than what we were last seen at SDCC. Also check out the license plates for KARR and KITT, a nice collectable for many fans. Enjoy!

[ thanks to ASMzine.com for reporting! ]

  • miguel

    where I can get

  • Corlando52

    Can't wait to see the final version. I understand it will have light up foglights, dashboard and scanner!

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