Minimates set to release Knight Rider line this January

Knight Rider collectibles are about to be brought to a whole new level, with an upcoming release by Minimates! Popular with collectors for their unique playfulness, they create products that are faithful to the spirt of the licence, while varying as needed for a 2" inch figure scale, appealing to the simple collector and fanboys alike.

We've been teased with images from their Knight Rider license prototypes for several months. They have just released some shots taken with the final production models. Gone is the matte finish, mold lines, and what we are left with is a slick product that we can't wait to get our hands on. In the gallery above, any images on the white background are from the original prototypes, while the city shots are final production items.

We spoke with Diamond Select Toys about them, and got some clarification on where you'll be able to obtain these. There will be three models will be available starting in January, but some may be harder to find than others:

  1. Michael with red shirt and KITT at Toys R Us online and in store. This item is a TRU exclusive, and wont be able to be found elsewhere.
  2. Michael with blue shirt and SPM KITT at comic shops, speciality stores and independent online retailers. SPM wont be able to convert to non-SPM mode.
  3. Garthe and KARR also at comic shops, speciality stores and independent online retailers.

Minimates has other Knight Rider products in the pipeline (including a version with electronics), so if these items sell well - there will be more to come! We will let you know when we learn more.