The “COMEDY CENTRAL ROAST Of David Hasselhoff” wrap up


We've been working all week to get our coverage of the David Hasselhoff Roast online, we hope you've been checking it out! #hoff It really was a great time being able to cover the roast! Thanks so much to Comedy Central for allowing us the honor!

The "red carpet" was not a red carpet at all, but a boardwalk complete with lifeguard stands and a larger than life David Hasselhoff. Inside the comedians cracked wise at everyone's expense. The set was amazingly decked out with a two story high KITT voice modulator and a perfectly complete replica from our pal Alex. Afterwards we partied the night away in the VIP after party!

Check out our wrap up text, video and pics below to see what you missed. And be sure to tune in on August 15th at 10pm to laugh for yourself!

The Roast of David Hasselhoff is Tonight
Hasselhoff Roast overview/review ** SPOILERS **
Sneak peek clip: KITT roasting David on Comedy Central

Click through for more pics and videos!

The Red Carpet at the David Hasselhoff Roast

David Hasselhoff Roast After Party

David Hasselhoff on the Red Carpet

Rebecca Holden on the Red Carpet

Our Pics:
hoff_roast01.jpg hoff_roast02.jpg hoff_roast04.jpg hoff_roast05.jpg hoff_roast06.jpg hoff_roast08.jpg hoff_roast09.jpg hoff_roast10.jpg hoff_roast11.jpg hoff_roast12.jpg hoff_roast13.jpg hoff_roast14.jpg hoff_roast15.jpg hoff_roast16.jpg hoff_roast17.jpg hoff_roast18.jpg hoff_roast19.jpg hoff_roast20.jpg hoff_roast21.jpg hoff_roast22.jpg hoff_roast23.jpg hoff_roast24.jpg hoff_roast03.jpg hoff_roast07.jpg hoff_roast25.jpg hoff_roast26.jpg hoff_roast27.jpg hoff_roast29.jpg hoff_roast30.jpg hoff_roast31.jpg hoff_roast32.jpg

For more on the Roast of David Haselhoff, head over to Comedy Central's official page, where you can watch clips from the roast itself!

Also be sure to check out Sarah's amazing coverage on davidNet, always a great source for your David Hasselhoff news!

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