Knight Rider Festival III teaser poster released

KRFIII_Teaser_news.jpg Knight Rider Festival III may still be 10 months away, but the wheels are already in motion for this to the be the biggest and the best event of them all. Nick Nugent created the sleek and stylish new image to start getting us all psyched up for next year's event in Las Vegas.

Event organizer Paul Casey has some VERY big plans for 2011 and we will be keeping everyone up to date in the months to come.

You can also check out Knight Rider Festival website for a larger image as well as catch up on the previous two years events.

  • Tom

    We want new season, create it, I love Knight Rider.

  • Sudesh

    Please continue the new Knight rider series. We really Love it and really want it.
    Please bring it back with a new season..

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