David Hasselhoff reportedly has seizure, now safely home

Over the holiday weekend, news broke that David had suffered a seizure and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. After spending a few days under observation, he has now been released and is doing well. Best wishes of health to David and his family as they work through treatment and recovery.

UPDATE: David spoke with TMZ.com and denies that he had a seizure. States that it is a private matter.

  • Patrick

    At least David is fine and he's back home with his 2 Daughters. David your a Cool Guy and I'm glad that your Healed and your feeling better! I grew up watching you on Knightrider and I have all 4 Seasons on dvd. Please try to bring back Knightrider because I saw on the Imdb that there's going to be a Knightrider movie and it says for a 2012 release. I'm hoping that it will still come to the Big Screen because it would be nice to see you play as Michael Knight and have you driving KITT. Have Patricia,Rebecca and Peter be back on the Big Screen because you can Dedacate the Knightrider movie to Edward because if Edward was still alive he would Love to be in the Movie!! God Bless You David and don't let anybody turn you down. Your my #1 Fan!!! Your Friend Patrick

  • jasongreene

    I hope you get well soon, Thank you for knight rider, what a awsome show. When knight rider aired in 1982 iwas 2 years old,now 29 and still cant get enough of the show.I had micheal knight and k.i.t.t toy when i was a kid,this christmas im getting the same toy again. david get well, try to bring back knight rider with you as micheal knight. your friend jason

  • jeff

    get well soon mate

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