Smith Cho - On-Set Exclusive

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Back in September, we were very thrilled to be given the chance to go behind the scenes to the Knight Rider set. The problem however was that what we saw filming would not air till a couple months later, because doing so would reveal details of upcoming plots. The teaser for this episode that is now airing has shown her costume, so we can now put up our video.

Our interview with Smith Cho was shot while she was in character for next weeks episode "Knight of the Living Dead." Smith Cho plays Zoe Chae - assistant to Torres she is well versed in multiple languages and although she comes off as ditzy, Zoe is very intelligent.

We conducted this interview before any of us got to see footage of the show, so Ms. Cho is understandably hesitant with some questions. We didn't know then that Zoe would be quite a polarizing character, as fan reaction was initially very negative of the character based on the premier episode alone.

However as fans continue to watch the series, and are exposed to more of Zoe (and specifically Zoe and Billy's relationship) the support continues to grow, as too does our enjoyment of Smith Cho.

  • kev

    smith chow is so beautiful ,my heart misses a beat each time i see her ,
    i want to marry her . muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

  • Hello all

    When will Knight Rider be back on?

    Also how could one go about to be casted in guest rol part in a epasode?

    Thanks from Mike Walter.

  • Hell0 all

    When will Knight Rider be back on tv,

    How would one go about to be casted in a guest role?

    Thanks from Mike Walter.

  • Smith Cho Fan

    I love Smith Cho. She's an awesome actress and she has an awesome body and magnificent smile.

  • goseki

    She's not the only reason to watch the show but its the best character on the show. Please have Zoe drink more Tequila .. that would be epic!

  • Mr. Smith Cho

    Smith Cho is so beautiful! She's the only reason I watch the show.

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