George Barris Interview Part 1

Last week we were very fortunate to spend some time with car customizer George Barris. In this video Barris tells us how he first came to be involved with Knight Rider. We also learn of the many challenges his team faced when building the different stunt and hero KITT cars. Together they had to design special modifications for the car so that KITT could pull off one amazing feat after another and still come out seemingly unscathed.

Come back tomorrow for part 2!

  • Knight2

    The picture of that SPM car was definetley NOT used in the show for the high speed shots.It was obviously made up for the film 'Benchwarmers'.
    The one used in the show was crushed with a wrecking ball.I've seen the pictures.
    Interesting to hear how they achieved the wings popping out effects.
    Also he made a mistake stating the convertible was a driveable car that could fold the hood down.
    One car was made with that function on a boat trailer ,used for that shot only.the other was made as a driveabale convertible that could'nt put the hood up. Due to the static huge slip on fiberglass canopy to cover the rear seat and trunk area.

  • kevin

    Trying to watch this was like listening to my grandmother. You put up with it. His answers were like asking John McCain a question and getting the complete run around. Everything he said was complete bullshit. I know of two individuals personally who built replicas from ther ground up. One in Massachusetts, another in Pennsylvania, and then George Barris sent them both contracts and Barris Badges to affix to their cars in signing that the car was an actual George Barris built "KNIGHT RIDER" vehicle. That car he was sitting next to was not on Jessicxa Simpson's variety show nor was that SPM car in anyway authentic or part of the series.

  • Michael

    He's wrong on that SPM car. They clearly sold someone a car that wasn't used on screen. Anyone who looks at an episode can see that. He's either mistaken (which is possible, it's been a long time, and he wasn't actually part of production) or he certified a non-authentic car. That car was probably made for "Benchwarmers"

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