Gary Scott Thompson answers more of your questions

gst_comiccon.jpgExecutive Producer and Showrunner Gary Scott Thompson just posted an article where he continues to answer some "viewer" mail. Below are some of our favorites:

Why is the AI of the KI3T still learning if it is the most advanced car on earth? There are things that Mike can teach Kitt than no computer programmer can.

If KITT is "still learning" after six months, then what has he learned so far?
This one I don't want to spoil here. You'll have to keep watching to find out...

Does Kitt have to be in attack mode to keep bullets and things from penetrating?

Is KITT ever going to drive on 2 wheels?
The writers are working on getting him on two wheels in an episode.

Will KITT eventually smash into things or just continue to avoid them?
Hopefully we'll do a little of both.

Will you explain specifically how Charles Graiman connects to the original series? Flashbacks perhaps?
Upcoming episodes will clarify Graiman's connection to the original series.

Will you ever show a "normal" turbo boost jump that happens in real time?
We're working on it, but I don't have enough cars to wreck yet.

Will there be a mobile lab like the semi in the earlier knight rider?
We're thinking about that.

Be sure to check out the complete article for all of the Q&A. As fans we owe Gary a lot of thanks for answering our questions, and hearing what we have to say - even if his answers aren't as revealing as one would hope. Gotta save something for the show!

  • susan

    dear gary scott thompson

    i wanna to let you know that i would for las vegas tv series to come back on the air it's my favorite show i closure on the delinda,danny & baby epiosde? i wanna to know will knight rider be back on for the next season ?

    please respond

    your awesome


  • Tom

    Is Karr destroyed?

    What about the temporary "radio shack" chip that was put back in Kitt? Does this get fixed?

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