Knight Rider twenty-six years young today

michael knight with kitt

Twenty six years ago tonight, NBC premiered the original pilot of Knight Rider. The two hour pilot writen by series creator Glen Larson, told the story of Michael Long and his fall to rebirth as Michael Knight, leading the quest of one man making a difference against criminals who opperate above the law.

TVGuide had this to say way back then:

Knight is like the movie cowboy who would leave the girl and go off with his horse. The meaningful relationship here is between the hero and his car. It not only talks but thinks, and it has a peevish personality. They bicker constantly. Actually it's more of a marriage than a romance.

In the present day, we've lived through a few failed attempts to revive Knight Rider, but now the future looks promising with the new series premiered, and the hopes of a Motion Picture in the future.

Watch the original commercial for the premier episode (thanks to Joe Huth!) after the jump!

  • xicofixas

    i cant see the video, HELP

  • darren mcgilton

    hi my name is darren i am from melbourne australia i have just seen the new knight rider movie it was great i can,t wait for the series to come out here i just love the mustang geat choice of car do u know if some one will be making the 1:18 scale version of the new car if so can u send me a email to please.

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