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Glen Larson
Glen Larson at a Knights of the West Coast car show, 2008

Not only does 2012 mark the 30th anniversary of Knight Rider, but also the 75th birthday of Glen A. Larson. By creating Knight Rider in the 1980s, he captured the imagination of the world, and empowered them to believe that one man can make a difference.

We would like to take a moment for fans like ourselves whom he inspired, to say "Happy Birthday!" and we look forward to what the ride has ahead.

Watch Glen A. Larson receive honors at Knight Rider Festival.

Starlog magazine ran this profile of him in 1997:

[Glen Larson's] greatest success was Knight Rider, which put Hasselhoff behind the wheel of K.I.T.T., a Pontiac Trans Am with a mind of its own...

Knight Rider appealed to Larson because it fulfilled a part of him that enjoys science fiction, particularly when it becomes science fact. "K.I.T.T. was the first car in America that had L.E.D. readouts on the dashboard," he notes proudly. "And it could also steer and brake itself. Now we're looking at automobiles that have radar-activated brakes and steering. So it's fun to contemplate where we can go. Many of the things we developed for K.I.T.T. were done by young designers who did work for Mattel and others. We didn't go to the usual Hollywood shops to design an interior. It's fun to stretch the envelope a bit, and we're doing that with NightMan, taking him beyond what has been done. It may not be on the shelf right now, but these are things humans could develop."

NBC revised Knight Rider several years ago in the TV movie pilot Knight Rider 2000, but Larson (who wasn't involved) was disappointed by the results. "They missed the point," he observes. "I don't think they understood the series or what made it work in the first place. They went off in the wrong direction. The audience was there, but the movie didn't appeal to them." The property is being reprised anew this fall as Team Knight Rider, and Larson hopes they do a better job this time.

Douglas Snauffer - Starlog, October 1997

Well, at least the first half is. KFCreator let us know that the episode known in syndication as "Knight of the Phoenix" is available for FREE to those users in the US. Strangely, they've divided the episode into two halves, so to get the entire episode, you'll need to pay $0.99. Still not bad, $0.99 for the feature length Pilot that launched the Knight Rider francise.

Knight of the Phoenix, Pt. 1 - Knight Rider, Season 1


After learning that David was being replaced by Howie Mandel on "America's Got Talent" it was unsure what the veteran Knight Rider actor might do next.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the cable network A&E has ordered a 10 episode serise that will focus on the actors entertainment endeavors and helping his daughters break into the recording industry. The series will be produced by FremantleMedia and will debut this year.

“It’s the dream of every parent to be able to help their children succeed,” Hasselhoff said. “I told the girls that I would help them open the door when they are ready, but they would have to walk through it on their own. This is their time and I am excited to be a part of it."

Of course, as THR points out, some fans might tune in expecting to see the Hoff on one of his alcohol adventures, but with any luck he will disappoint.

An wonderful piece of history was shared by Ave4uevoli who posted in our forum. He's recently aquired FLAG Mobile Unit and KITT that was used in the original series. He says:

Well here it is - I thought you all would like to see and to know where it is now. It's still alive and well. Below there are also pictures of a screenused miniature - the one that has a working scanner. I believe it's the only one made with a working scanner too. Jack never finished it. If you look at the picture where Jack is holding one miniature - the one I have is the one on his table. It still doesn't have side mirrors.

The trailer is a whopping 7-8 feet long. Altogether with the truck it comes out to nearly 10 feet long. It's constructed of metal, wood and resin parts. It's been sitting in a crate for the last few years untouched. The crate that it came in was the same crate that came from Jack's garage/workshop. Anyways - enjoy.

The trailer itself has some of the interior done - not much though. It was built so that the 4-5 miniatures made could fit inside. It's quite cool. The trailer has working lights on the truck part and the KITT miniature has a working scanner and is supposed to have working rear lights (i haven't tested the rear lights)

Be sure to check out the thread for more information that's been learned about the unique history of this piece. Click thru the bellow gallery to see more pictures!

In part two of our interview Don Peake continues recounting some of his many adventures from Rock and Roll to racing. Taking over the reigns of the Knight Rider sound track from Stu Phillips, whose work he greatly admired, Don discusses how he used elements of the established theme and wove them into his own work. Don then gives us a special treat, getting out his guitar, Don plays for us samples of his work with such bands as the Everly Brothers, Ray Charles, and the Jackson five. Check out the video above!

Don Peake, the composer of 77 of the original Knight Rider episodes, joined the Knight Rider crew at episode 13 "Hearts of stone." A classically trained musician, Don has had a very diverse career ranging from the classics to early synthesizer work, rock, and hanging out with Elvis and the Beatles. Check out our video interview above to hear the fascinating and unexpected twists and turns of Don's career from rock and roll to Knight Rider. Be sure to check back for part two where Don tells us about his car racing days and his more recent projects.

for more info on Don Peake or to buy a Don Peake music CD check out his website.

We had our HD cameras rolling all weekend at The Knight Rider Festival, where fans came from all around the world to meet such Knight Rider stars as:
Justin Bruening, Rebecca Holden, Catherine Hickland, Stu Phillips, Don Peake, Jack Gill, George Barris, Dennis Braid, Tony Wood, Michael Scheffe, Buzz Bundy, James Smith, James Winburn, Nate Truman and Glen A. Larson.

Check out the video above, or visit our Videos page for more videos of the event.
Also be sure not to miss photos of the event on our Photos page.

It was great to see so many new faces. If you see your self, drop into our forum and let us know.


NBC has finally done what many were waiting for! The first season of the original Knight Rider is now available via both NBC and Hulu! Now there is a way for US based viewers to have a free legal method of watching the original series.

Classic episodes such as Pilot, Trust Doesn't Rust (first appearance of KARR), Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death (KITT jumps the General Lee), White Bird (first appearance of Stevie) and many others are now available for you any time day or night!

We will let you know when further seasons become available! If you are in the US, be sure to watch via these methods (for the new series too!) it's the only way NBC will know we are out here watching.

Knight Rider Archive is quick to remind us that today is the 25th anniversary of the episode Goliath, where we are introduced to Garthe Knight. It is an episode that is thought to many as one of the best.

Above we have a Knight Watch episode looking back, check it out!

michael knight with kitt

Twenty six years ago tonight, NBC premiered the original pilot of Knight Rider. The two hour pilot writen by series creator Glen Larson, told the story of Michael Long and his fall to rebirth as Michael Knight, leading the quest of one man making a difference against criminals who opperate above the law.

TVGuide had this to say way back then:

Knight is like the movie cowboy who would leave the girl and go off with his horse. The meaningful relationship here is between the hero and his car. It not only talks but thinks, and it has a peevish personality. They bicker constantly. Actually it's more of a marriage than a romance.

In the present day, we've lived through a few failed attempts to revive Knight Rider, but now the future looks promising with the new series premiered, and the hopes of a Motion Picture in the future.

Watch the original commercial for the premier episode (thanks to Joe Huth!) after the jump!

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