A Bunch of KITT: On-Set Exclusive

2008-09-10 at 12-36-30.jpg

During our time on set - we saw four different KITTs. A green screen KITT called a buck that has interchangable parts (which we'll post about later), a KITT we didn't see, and these two KITTs here.

The one at the top is used in the KITTCave, and if you look closely - you can see it's missing an engine. We were told on set that the removed engine from the KITT that they use on the gymbal because when they would spin KITT, the fluids would come out.

The other KITT we saw them photographing to shoot the plates for the transformation process to Attack KITT.

Also - check out that old school signage on a production trailer!

2008-09-10 at 12-36-06.jpg
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