The Story Behind the Gumball 3000 KITT

gumball 3000 kitt of knight rider

When we brought you the story of David Hasselhoff and KITT for the Gumball 3000 a few days ago, all we knew then was that it was a car in "his Viennan friends Garage for 17 years"

We were able to track down a little more by way of Peter's Garage the company involved in the restoration and transportation to Gumball 3000:

More than 20 years were Georgie `s parents of David Hasselhoff the original KITT from the successful series Knight Rider. 20 years hidden Georgie `s parents KITT in a dark garage in Vienna, according to the state. In addition, the car has never been for the public roads. After a few phone calls had the perfect workshop in Rathenow found that the overhaul of KITT accept and KITT in only 4 weeks to life him an official road will obtain approval. From the dark Vienna garage back on the stage in Hollywood in just 4 weeks.


More as this story develops, and hopefully some live coverage tomorrow!

[Peters Garage (German)]
[Peters Garage (Google Translated)]

Finished Car image from
Repair shots from Peter's Garage

[our gumball 2008 coverage]

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