Justin Bruening on the Attack KITT at San Diego Comic Con

Here Justin speaks to us right after the Attack KITT reveal about the car, stunt driving and more! Like most of the cast, Justin was very personable, friendly and seemed genuinely excited to be part of Knight Rider.

Justin and KITT will be in the new Knight Rider 2008 airing September 24th on NBC!

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[Interview with Justin at Panel Junket]
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KRO: So what do you think?

Justin: It's Awesome!

KRO: Which is your favorite car?

Justin: I love all of them, but this is definately the coolest.

KRO: Have you driven this one?

Justin: I have driven this one. This (points to the front of the car) actually lifts up a bit. It's actually on hydrolics so I drive this thing and I bounce!

You raise this up a little bit (pointing to the front fender) so KITT can get a little more aerodynamic. It's alot of fun.

From the two hour pilot (inaudible) you should see it at night. We've got ground effects, these in the front light up, this lights up. Everything and anything. It's this menacing, breathing entity. Its got its own persona that is really really cool.

KRO: What was your favorite thing from driving school?

Justin: How to drive faster? Definately how to drive at accelorated speeds. Going around a corner going 90 miles an hour.

More fun than that was doing stunt driving, I took some courses on doing that. Cause I want to do all the things that you see on the show.

KRO: Can you do burnouts and such?

Justin: Yes. Burnouts, we have reverse 180s, driving backwards and spin it around in reverse.

KRO: Any backing out of a Semi?

Justin: Haven't done that yet no. But in the promo you see a bunch of people driving into the Semi; I'm not, that is not me.

We have a cargo plane anyway, I back out of that.

KRO: Is that still in the series?

Justin: Yes, that is definately there. There may be a semi in the future, but we have a plane cause we are worldwide.

KRO: Thanks for your time!

Justin: Anytime!

KRO: We look forward to seeing it.

Justin: Yes. So do I oddly...!